Friday, October 5, 2012

Sony Temporarilly Hold the Sales of Xperia Tablet

Due to some defective units of Sony Xperia tablet, the company decided and officially recalled their slates. Their quality and assurance team discovered a manufacturing problem in few of their products and hold their sales for awhile. According to our source, it is because of a possible damage cause by gaps within a casing and screen in some models. Its water resistant design will not work and can actually caused a serious problem to the entire system.

Furthermore, the company blamed their official supplier in China because of this flaws. Sales of Xperia tablet in U.S. started last month as well in other countries on the next day. And for now, they cannot give the exact date to release the new wave of their slate. In addition to this, they are willing to answer the questions of their consumers through their online portal and product page.

Sony Xperia Tablet Photo

Xperia slate is powered by Android which is previously available in either 16GB and 64GB models. The prices ranges from $400.00 to $600.00 per piece based on its storage sizes. A 1.26-pound handheld machine with a teasing high-definition (HD) display. They are willing to accept and fix any defective machines as noted by their recent announcement.

Probably, they are planning to make a complete and thorough assessment just to figure out the other possible problem from their very own first tablet in the market.



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