Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SeV Fleece Gadget-Friendly Jacket 7.0 for Geeks

If you are one of those folks who are bonded with their gadgets everyday, Scottevest can probably answer your needs to protect your stuffs. They brought us a jacket that can accommodate most of our portable devices aside probably from a much bigger laptop computers while on our way anywhere we wanted to go. You can visit your grandparents or someone with no bags at all but a hidden pouch in your outfit. Fleece Jacket 7.0 is in a usual form and not in a so futuristic design. Its comfortable ergonomic style can make your electronic gadgets safe from any small mishap.

Fleece Gadget-Friendly Jacket 7.0

Furthermore, it is currently available for pre-order but shipment will start by the last day of this month. For now, you can pick a piece of this jacket for only $160.00 and of course, as Cyber Monday hit few weeks from this days, price will probably start to drop without a prior notice to consumers. You can visit the official website of SeV for their product page if you want to experience the coolest gadget-friendly and possibly a waterproof jacket.

In addition to this report, there are twenty-three pockets in this new line of Fleece Jacket. That can hold an iPad, iPhone, shades, car keys, and to a much smaller or slicker ball pens. We are not promoting this product but we would like to share a few details that could help our fellow geeks to know the right gear that can extend the life of their gadgets. 



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