Monday, October 22, 2012

Samsung ARM A15-Powered Chromebook is Now in Google Play

Pre-order for Samsung's Chromebook started in Amazon recently but now, you can get it straight from Google Play portal. For about $250.00, a WiFi-enabled version is already good for practical buyers who would like to experience the fastest browser in a typical machine designed to maximize its performance. An ARM A15-powered light netbook compared to other breeds of ultra-portable device with 11-inch screen.

A 3G-enabled version is also available in Google Play store with similar specification of a WiFi-only model. According to Slash Gear, upon placing an order, you can have it for only three to five days base in your location in United States. Amazon is giving a free accessories and additional package but coupled with corresponding prices.

Samsung ARM A15-Powered Chromebook

Expect markdown in prices as holiday sales kickoff all through out the country few days from now. Samsung and Google will be joining the massive online shopping spree as Cyber Monday starts to knocks the pockets of consumers.

And before we can forget, we suggest that Chromebook WiFi model is a reasonable choice for those who are looking for a great deal on the line. Another Android machine with a promising CPU performance in terms of Internet browsing and right size for RAM to support a toughest job.



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