Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pricing for iPad Mini Spotted in German Retailer System

While craving consumers continue to keep up with the upcoming new version of Apple iPad, a German retailer internal system. Mobile Geeks shard the screenshot of their product listing showing this tablet in a different model and pricing. However, nobody knows that exact release date of the 7-inch slate but according to our source, everything will be cleared by October 23rd of this year. There will be an upcoming event in Apple that will confirm the availability of the handheld machine.

Furthermore, parts iPad mini was spotted by a tech enthusiast few weeks ago. That photo is already a good clue for the possible size and appearances of the slate.

On that product listing, it shows that prices differs due to its configuration. It started from about $320 for 8GB and WiFi enabled device to $450 for 3G. It is also available in 16GB and 64GB models. Pricing varies base on its storage sizes and availability of network. A typical WiFi enabled device is more cheaper compared to what we can get from a 3G-enabled one.

But for now, all we have to do is to catch the upcoming press event in Apple to make everything clear to all of us. And before we can forget, the product listing of iPad mini revealed a cheaper versions compared to its 10.1-inch breed.

What we are trying to ask is the version of iOS (currently in version 6.0) that can possibly excite us upon the release of their 7-inch tablet. Join us as we continue to explore the wild for any other related updates for the most anticipated machine of this year.



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