Monday, October 8, 2012

PETA Introduces Pokemon Black and Blue 2

Catch Pikachu and the rest of the gang of Pokemon in the all new version of the mini-flash game introduces by PETA. And that is to open our awareness on how these pocket monster was treated in a virtual world. The group continue to extend their service to inform us to take part on their campaign even in video games. Pet lovers will be reminded by value of any animals while on their custody because of this tireless effort. They are moving closer to the young minds through a cinematic and entertaining multimedia files compatible to any gaming consoles soon.

PETA's Pokemon Black and Blue 2

Furthermore, the cover of Pokemon Black and Blue 2 shows a battered pocket monsters with bandages and chains. Some of the featured characters as shown in cartoon are pretty great for their angry faces while Pikachu standing on the right side of the poster handling a banner saying, "I support team plasma." However, the monster already missed a part of his left ear.

In addition to this, the notorious "Team Rocket" has been replaced by "Team Plasma," a gang who would like to freed their fellow to escape their trainers. The theme of this game is now probably for the "Pokemon vs Their Trainers," right? And PETA are actually targeting the kids who loved to follow the adventure in the game.

Other important details regarding the newly release version of Pokemon is also available in the official website of PETA.



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