Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Intel SSD 335 Series with MLC NAND Technology

Talking about a solid-state drive, handheld machines continue to innovate the market through a compacted storage media. We cannot deny that some notebook computers started to embrace the performance of these device because of its portability and power efficiency. Recently, Intel official announce the newest line of their SSD drive, the 335 Series.

This will come in 240GB size, a 2.5-inch wide and 9.5-millimeter thick device. Furthermore, this can probably change our perception of portable drives as the company decided to produce a massive amount of SSD 335 Series few months from now. Availability in United States will probably start by November of this year but there is no words for pricing yet.

According to our source, one of its advance feature includes reading a file with 500Mb speed in a mere second and it can write a 450Mb simultaneously. Availability in other countries is also expected by this last quarter of 2012 and probably, pricing will vary base on consumer's location. In addition to this report, SSD 335 is powered by a fastest nano-technology.

Intel SSD 335 Series Photo

The MLC NAND flash technology is another feature available in this type of solid-state drive but not from other brands. You can visit the official website of Intel for additional details or catch the upcoming reviews of consumers for more.



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