Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Report your Stolen Smartphone in United States?

Most of us are not aware or ignorant of reporting our stolen smartphone nowadays. The advancement of technology continue to tease us but far from what we know, the government is also working to help us. Protecting our privacy from theft as well in other misuse of information. According to Network World, the United States Federal Communications Commission recently announce the newest services initiated by the joint project of network providers and the government agency to block the stolen device.

The number of smartphones theft reports are rising all over the country and as their answer for this problem, they officially launched a stolen mobile phone database where owners can immediately direct their concern. Blocking a SIM card is already common for the scenario but thefts can replace it and let the device works for other network providers.

Stolen Smartphone in United States

Furthermore, blocking the IMEI number of a device is a different technique to secure the privacy and even the future usage of the stolen phone. Network providers can automatically block this unique ID and leave it dead for good. This device identifier is like a VIN, unchangeable and nobody can replaced it because of its purpose.

T-Mobile as well AT&T are the first two pioneering network providers who are joining the said project. You can directly report your concern to their nearest outlets in your area. They are capable of reporting your problem to a centralized database system that will block the IMEI of your stolen smartphone. Police departments are also joining to solve the possible case.

And before we can forget, other network providers like Sprint and Verizon are also working for their own system to help their consumers to protect their smartphones. Aside from them, Nex-Tech as well Cellcom, small-scale carriers in the U.S. are also extending their hands with the government.

It's time for you to be more vigilant and direct your concerns to your mobile phone network provider if you are one of the newest victim of smartphone theft. Hopefully, this project will also extends its services to the users of tablet computers with the same features soon. And be responsible of your gadgets especially in public.



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