Monday, October 22, 2012

Gumdrop Announces iPad Mini Cases Ahead of Tablet Availability

We are expecting Apple to announce the newest version of iPad this week. However, the renowned cases and accessories manufacturer, Gumdrop unveiled a new gear that can protect the smallest slate ahead of its official release. Specs and other important details of this stuff from Wired remind us to keep an eye on what we can get from other important details. And they are reporting a more clearer view for the size and possible look of the upcoming tablet.

According to our source, these cases are all coming from the line of Drop Tech Series. That includes a colorful rugged and rubberized casings for a 7-inch iPad. These gears shows a few opening at the edge for headphone, camera (in front) and charger. It has a well-fitted screen surrounded by elegant and smooth colorful rubber.

Gumdrop iPad Mini Cases Photo

Photo Credit: Slash Gear

iPad mini will probably available in either 16GB and 32GB as well in 64GB models. Before, it is only available in exclusive black or white but because of these cases from Gumdrop, it is possible for different options in colors. The storage space is somewhat the same with what we can get from its wider predecessors in stores but this can make a few twists in designs and styles.

Furthermore, iPad mini is coming for about $200.00 (for 16GB model) and up. But for now, there is no official statement from Apple that will confirmed this issue coming from other reports. We have to discover the complete specs and firmed details soon as they deliver the first anticipated keynote from the company this October 23, 2012.



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