Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GoPro iOS App for HD Hero 2 is Now Available

Last month, we heard that a new version of HD Hero helmet camera is coming this month. A 1080-pixel enabled high-definition (HD) and 11-megapixels gadget to capture a special moment of anyone who able to have it. It is also packed with WiFi Bacpac for broadcasting the live coverage of its stream. And now, GoPro announces the availability of an iPhone and iPad application that could simultaneously work with these device.

Furthermore, the app was also designed to remotely controlled the HD Hero 2 as well its WiFi BacPac. You can simply monitor your digital camera's battery and take a live shoots in real time. Preview is also available from the two different hardware. For now, the application is totally for free and they are giving this to optimize the performance of their gadgets.

GoPro App for HD Hero 2

Aside from what we had mentioned, GoPro app is also works with a cinematic streaming because of the device more powerful processing performance in taking a much wider angle.

For more, you can visit the official website of GoPro to check the other important details that can guide you on how to interface your HD Hero 2 digital camera with a typical iOS hardware. Learn how to configure the settings of your device through a remote control pad of the application.



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