Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FinFisher and Loozfon are Targeting Android Users Privacy

The FinFisher as well Loozfon are just the two newly reported malicious software that penetrates an Android OS. According to Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), it can automatically expose the privacy of the gadget owner through the vulnerable portion of its software. Healthy tips from any tech enthusiasts cannot save us anymore because manufacturers of our device limits our configuration to what we can reach. Making a few tweak can help but not to the extent of keeping our information safe from other new harmful programs. It runs in the background services and can hit any other users connected to a local wireless network.

For more, here's a video posted by Luv Droid in YouTube that will demonstrate a little steps on how to keep our Android-powered device free from any treats:

Furthermore, we must be responsible of any changes that can make our device unusable in the future. Be guided by the right steps in turning off some of your application settings and consult anyone who already know how to endure in a sophisticated operation. Or try to look back from the inlay card or help of your Android smartphone or tablet.

And learn the most important tricks that can prolong the lifespan of your device rather than following an unknown steps that can barely expose your information to the line.

Hope this few tips of ours can help you to overcome the possible problem that may caused by FinFisher and Loozfon as well for other alarming software coupled in some available free apps. This is issue is already common not only for Android platform but also for iOS powered device.



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