Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Asus PadFone 2 Got a Hands-on Video Review

Someone from Engadget got a chance to handle the real new version of Asus PadFone. That device showed out somewhere in Taipei, Taiwan before the gadget hit the market few days from now. Recently, we heard that Jerry Shen, their CEO introduces their hybrid handset to Bloomberg UTV which also excite us to follow the other important details related to other reports. That clip from YouTube gave us a more clearer view of what we can get from the new generation of a convertible smartphone. And according to them, the bulky parts has been removed leaving a more thinner device compared from its predecessor in the market.

Asus PadFone 2 Docking Station and Smartphone

Furthermore, PadFone 2 is packed with Super IPS+ display giving a more sharper display compared to the old model with PenTile Super Amoled technology. And it is more handy because of its ergonomic rubberized back panel which is also common for this device. It has a much wider range of application because of additional promising features coming from the newest updates of Android operating system.

It is more responsive and got a few changes in design. However, these are the confusing changes which is hard to recognize from the two breeds of Asus PadFone. The development of the entire device continue to evolve and variety of new applications are now in Android Market for consumers to maximize the performance of their gadget.

We spotted a hands-on video from Tech Life Channel recently showing a detailed review of the two different models. This can give us a much clearer view other than its available specs posted in Asus official website. You can try to look around for other important info and handful of photos but try to check the following video below for more:

Join us as we continue our quest to catch the other review coming from technology enthusiasts sites.



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