Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Apple Introduces a Smaller But Cheaper iPad

As we all know, the 7.9-inch breed of Apple's iPad become one of the most anticipated gadget of this year, right? However, people who knows too much about the newly release slate gave us a clearer view of what we can get. For only $329.00, this fourth generation slate is more cheaper compared to its 10-inch predecessors in the market.

We cannot deny that other brands continue to bump with a cheapest models but talking the flagship of Apple remains on top. And this lighter and thinner version of iPad is a game changer that can attract millions of consumers around the world. Furthermore, it has a similar display resolution with the second generation just added with a more powerful dual-core processor.

The icons are smaller compared to the 10-inch pioneering models but the 7.9-inch shows a tough way to go as prices of Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note started to drop recently. People will probably continue to patronize the performance of Apple-made devices but to think of practicality, cheapest tags can still turn the heads of other buyers.

Review of iPad Mini from Engadget tells us that this device is like a bigger version of iPod Touch and a shrunken breed of the regular size machine. iOS 6 of this tablet shows a little difference. One of its fully improved feature is that, we can now work in only one hand without a stand or flat surface to hold the device.

7.9-Inch Apple iPad

Additional keyboards for iPad Mini will probably follow its appearances in the market. Accessories, protective gears, and other add-on are now hovering in some of manufacturer's recognized outlets.

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