Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is Your Expectation from iPhone 5?

Few days ago, Apple made iPhone 5 official, right? However, few folks continue to brought out the most extensive part of the handset after handling the first version at the most anticipated event of the company, the announcement of the newest blockbuster phone. For most of us who doesn't failed to carry out the statement of their CEO's, the promising features leaved us a lot of question to keep up. And as we all know, the new LTE-enabled smartphone is the answer of Apple to keep the competition going with the other brands. Samsung, Nokia, and LG find their way to reached before them and now, their confident to bump with a much wider iPhone is here with a promising speed.

Others doesn't know the capability and even a small feature of an LTE-enabled phone. But Apple able to hold this feature for awhile and let their competitor take advantage of informing the users of what we can get from it, right? Predictions from other writers says a very limited details about their plan to bring their own LTE-powered one. That is already obvious for them to keep their silence and surprise everyone by announcing the 6th generation of their iPhone.

For those who doesn't know about an LTE-enabled handset, it is the newest technology embraced by most of cellphone manufacturer, the easiest way to transmit our data from telecommunication tower to any handheld gadgets. The newest generation of transferring our messages, the latest network advancement that can really change the way we use our smartphone in the future.

iPhone 4S gave us the chance to make use of a 4G network. But now, they seems compromised again because of another network technology missed by the pioneering version users. Last Friday, September 14, 2012, pre-order started to knock in our pockets. And guess what, the stock market share of Apple started to increase just like of what happened as they introduced a single product from their company.

It means, people continue to embrace and patronize the capabilities and features of an Apple-made handset. Placement of orders on their online stores started to get live earlier were every available models was reportedly sold immediately. The question is, what do we need to expect from iPhone 5 aside from having a powerful brand? Tips as well additional details are now available in the official website of the company aside from catching everything on its inlay card as you received your order.

Join us as we continue to follow the other important notice in the sales of iPhone 5. A much cheaper price might fall on December of this year or as Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickoff few months from now.



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