Saturday, August 25, 2012

Valkyrie CZ-17 Intel Core i7 Gaming Laptop

iBuyPower continue to answer the needs of PC gaming industry as they brought out their very own Valkyrie CZ-17 Intel Core i7 powered machine. It is a shining 8-thread quad-core CPU running at the top speed of 2.3GHz. And probably, it is powerful enough to cater the minimum and maximum requirements of any resources hungry applications. Other available model are paired with GeForce GTX 680M GPU for the optimal needs of a high-definition resolution. Its GDDR5 4GB RAM can possibly stand out over the other competing brands.

Valkyrie CZ-17 Gaming PC

Furthermore, Valkyrie allows a maximum of 8GB RAM and dealers allows a consumer to choose this package for a different price tag. In terms of efficiency, reviews coming from tech enthusiasts sites tells a positive feedback far from what we know from its predecessors. It is also packed with THX TruStudio Pro application to support its audio requirements for a much better multidimensional sound.

Aside from the F1 to F12 special function key, Valkyrie is equipped with another set next to its power button. It is used to adjust the level of its back lights as well for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The display screen has been designed to help the typist to do their job with the keyboard. Bright enough to brighten the entire platform.

And the base configuration of Valkyrie CZ-17 is also packed with 750GB of HDD and buyers can also choose a much higher specs if necessary. It designed to support SDD drives for additional more faster storage. The 17-inches screen is already big enough in playing HD video just like of what we can get from a flat television.

Lastly, the battery of Valkyrie can give a few more advantage for user because it is fully interchangeable for those who are planning to optimize their usage far from any power outlets. However, it is currently available in iBuyPower for about $1,500.00 per model and other configuration will either increase or decrease this tag.

If you are planning to get one, try to catch your own model by the month of November when Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickoff. Hope this few words of ours can guide you in buying a powerful gaming PC in the market. Before we can forget, it is also packed with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.



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