Monday, August 20, 2012

Throwing a Mobile Phone for a World Record?

As we heard this awkward story recently, we've been stunned and laugh in front of the YouTube video taken from Finland. However, it is 100% true because you can see the contestants bragging their handsets like they doesn't care anymore. And guess what, this year, a teen won the spot for the longest number of yards reached by his old communication buddy. He is Ere Karjalainen, he also set the new world record because of his 101.46-meters distance throwing capability.

He owned an old Nokia and as part of their Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship, he was hailed as the number one thrower for the 13th anniversary of the event. According to report, the winning contestant is supposed to be a British Chris Hugff but has been disqualified due to unknown and unclear issue.

For more, here's a video that will show you these people working for the sake of a new world record in throwing their handset freely:

In addition to this, for the name of sports, this event contributed to the possible changes on weights of mobile phones. Organizers are making their own rules to be heard as well probably to attract more participants in the upcoming years.

If they are using iPhone or Android powered handset, I'd stand at the end line to watch it dropping like a rubber ball but recycles everything what I can get. And how about you? Batteries, mainboards, or other underlying stuffs are still reusable, right?



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