Thursday, August 30, 2012

Samsung ATIV S Embraces Windows 8 for Wider Screen

Samsung brought out a very surprising phone with Windows 8 operating system. A much wider handset compared to other handset models in the market featuring a Super AMOLED touchscreen display. The ATIV S is packed with a dual-core processor running at the top speed of 1.5GHz paired with 1GB of memory. And the press release coming from a very reliable sources tells us about the few important details that can probably touch your curiosity about their new twists for the product lines. The Berlin's IFA trade marks a new beginning of their Windows-powered mobile phone but pricing is not yet available.

They presented a tougher changes after their battle from the infringement case filed by Apple company. They are probably working to make their flagship bear the fruit of their hard labor to compete aside from those issue that can hurt their sales in United States. This Windows-based phone is a part of their plan to change their software from Android to a commercial versions.

Introduction of Samsung ATIV S in Berlin

However, the price of Samsung ATIV S is probably much higher compared to Galaxy S III and its predecessors in the market. It is because of their software licensing and other preferred technology to power the entire device. And aside from this, the handset doesn't posses a complete smartphone capability but in terms of applications, they embraced Windows for that possible reason, right?

Furthermore, Windows 8 Smart PC features is one of their competitive features just like of what we can experience from iPhone. Their new platform is pretty convincing at these days because people are still wondering the performance of another Microsoft-powered hardware. When Windows Phone doesn't earned our taste before, this might be the right time for the two different technology provider by putting their hands together to compete.

Compared to Apple smart devices, the ATIV S gave us a reason to keep up their other plans as they stopped the production of their other handsets.



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