Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nintendo 3DS XL is Debuted in United States Stores

Finally, if you are waiting for this much larger version of Nintendo 3DS, it's time for you to pack and visit the nearest electronic stores in your area if you are residing in United States. According to report, it is now available for $200.00 for a regular XL model. In addition to this, the newest version featured a much longer battery life compared to its predecessors. It was first spotted in Japan and following its release in European countries. However, you are not too late to experience the coolest handheld machine from Nintendo because they are now giving us the opportunity after a few weeks of waiting.

Nintendo 3DS XL

While eShop is now offering the New Super Mario Brothers 2, you can own a 3DS XL loaded with this game but expect a variation in prices. The grip is much comfortable compared to the other version as noted by reviews coming from other technology enthusiasts sites. Other features includes a portable power adapter but some of it are only available in Asian and European markets.

The look-and-feel of the 3DS XL is one of its advantage compared to what we can get from other brands which are now continue bump their prices. A cheaper model of this gaming console will probably hit by the month of November as Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickoff.

Join us as we continue to follow the other important details and updates that will complete your shopping spree after of this break.



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