Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Logo of Microsoft Since 1987

Bill Gates is now changing the logo of his company since 1987 and the time when Windows operating system started to capture the attention of users as well businesses worldwide. This year, they are revamping the icon of the software company far from what we know. People are now talking about the plan of Microsoft but nobody can tell the exact reason why they need to shift from a classical-inspired theme to a more colorful one.

In Windows 8 operating system, we are about to catch the perfect four-color square. The tastes is much sweeter like a retro combination of sharp and vivid artistry. Their upcoming new operating system revealed their changes as well in some of their recognize outlets in United States. The name Microsoft came with a much softer blend of edges rather than written in italic form.

Furthermore, for the past twenty-five years, they are now changing their logo to a much attractive version due to its retro-inspired color combination. The above photo shows a big difference of their old and new one. They are probably re-branding the company flagship aside from having a new line of products this 2012. While preparing for the launching of Windows 8 recently, tech enthusiasts who are on the same venue noticed this phenomenal changes.

They are now making a big changes aside from their logo and probably, to compete. The sale of Apple and Microsoft is not a good basis to compare the nature of their business but for a flagship, the two companies grew from a small-cottage industry to a globally competitive corporation.



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