Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPhone 5 is Coming in the Month of September?

For now, everything we share are just a piece of clue that can remind you that there will be a new version of iPhone. People in Apple fanatics fan page in Facebook as well in Twitter continue to knock in the door of the company just to hear a few important line of details from their upcoming handset. However, leaked documents and screenshots from unknown source continue to join the handful of legitimate photos showing a few misleading difference from the original device in the market. We are looking for a much clearer information and we keep track the changes from rumors just to know the real one.

According to our source, Apple will reveal iPhone 5 by the month of September and they are now planning for the said event. That will probably fall on the second week to be followed by its official release date in the 21st. We are just giving you the possible dates and significant event you shouldn't missed as someone from them will just stand to introduce the new line of their product.

We heard that the upcoming model is much bigger in size but the supporting and underlying technology is more sophisticated for most of our applications. If you are relying to iPhone 4S and you learned how to embrace its capability as well performance, you really need to make a new adjustments because the platform is totally different.

This will not include a stylus pen just like on Samsung Galaxy Note. We expect a much faster version and probably, iPhone 5 is up for a dual core technology with a much bigger RAM. This is our own perception for now and reviews coming from reliable source of its predecessors shows the outstanding performance and why not for the newly enhanced one, right?

Clues and rumors coming from those folks who are working in network providers can give a closest details but not the exact stuff we should follow and believed. I tell you, a misleading photo galleries and other stuff are just hovering in every corner of the line nowadays.

Be careful and wait for official statements that will complete the entire story upon watching their keynote speakers introducing the mobile phone to the public.



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