Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Use Your iPhone Headset Hidden Controls

Apple is giving a free headset with supporting details found on its inlay card for an iPhone, right? However, most of us prefer not to use that small booklet rather than making our way exploring the entire environment of the handset. Your curiosity can be guided by that piece of paper but of course, due to your excitement to send your first message or connect to any hot spots using your phone, we left that stuff on the box. There are different ways to learn and how to maximize our usage. Take note, the lifespan of your battery decreases as well your gadget from its first day at your hands. Do not missed to use its other important features because your satisfaction will really guarantee.

Apple iPhone Headphones Hidden Controls

The headset of your iPhone is hiding a few important controls that you can use in taking pictures, playing videos, and others. It is design to support your mobile phone and all of these are actually given but if you ignore these, you need to continue your reading in our complete list of helpful tips about it.
  • Center button of the small bar on the right speaker of your headset can let you start or pause your music.
  • You can fast-forward your song by tapping the center button twice and making a long-press on the second action.
  • Rewind your music on a three taps with a long-press on the last tap.
  • Double tapping the center button can skip your song from your playlist.
  • Triple tap can bring you to the previous song from your playlist.
  • Answer your ongoing call while listening to your music by tapping the center button and you can press it again to hangup the line.
  • Long-press the center button to cancel the incoming call and that will give you a sign for voice mail.
  • You can transfer your call by tapping the center button and hold for about 2-seconds to end.
  • It serves as a control for your camera by pressing the volume control upwards to capture your photos in a much steady state if you wish not to hold your phone and put it in a plain surface. Be careful of your device because it is possible to drag it using the headset chord.
  • And the last is, you can prompt Siri through a long-press of the center button (works in 4S model only).
Hope this few words of ours can guide you on how to use your headphones aside from its typical function.



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