Thursday, August 30, 2012

Samsung ATIV S Embraces Windows 8 for Wider Screen

Samsung brought out a very surprising phone with Windows 8 operating system. A much wider handset compared to other handset models in the market featuring a Super AMOLED touchscreen display. The ATIV S is packed with a dual-core processor running at the top speed of 1.5GHz paired with 1GB of memory. And the press release coming from a very reliable sources tells us about the few important details that can probably touch your curiosity about their new twists for the product lines. The Berlin's IFA trade marks a new beginning of their Windows-powered mobile phone but pricing is not yet available.

They presented a tougher changes after their battle from the infringement case filed by Apple company. They are probably working to make their flagship bear the fruit of their hard labor to compete aside from those issue that can hurt their sales in United States. This Windows-based phone is a part of their plan to change their software from Android to a commercial versions.

Introduction of Samsung ATIV S in Berlin

However, the price of Samsung ATIV S is probably much higher compared to Galaxy S III and its predecessors in the market. It is because of their software licensing and other preferred technology to power the entire device. And aside from this, the handset doesn't posses a complete smartphone capability but in terms of applications, they embraced Windows for that possible reason, right?

Furthermore, Windows 8 Smart PC features is one of their competitive features just like of what we can experience from iPhone. Their new platform is pretty convincing at these days because people are still wondering the performance of another Microsoft-powered hardware. When Windows Phone doesn't earned our taste before, this might be the right time for the two different technology provider by putting their hands together to compete.

Compared to Apple smart devices, the ATIV S gave us a reason to keep up their other plans as they stopped the production of their other handsets.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

7-inch iPad is a myth? Rumors continue to grow!

While iPhone 5 remains on the topmost topic in gadgets nowadays, Apple is giving us a new direction to tell something about their upcoming iPad version. Nobody knows that exact stuff yet but people on the line continue to seek the truth about it. According to report, the new version of their handset will be revealed on the 21st of September and to be followed by introducing the 7-inch tablet. And the upcoming event has been supported by someone from Verizon who able to leaked a details that they are planning to have a week-long vacation due to a very significant event in United States.

The theory behind the development of 7-inch iPad was formulated by those folks who are willing to share their ideas observing the closest rivalry of Apple and Samsung companies. And now that the patent infringement case was now successfully decided by U.S. court, rumors continue to grow about the upcoming gadgets that will probably replace a much smaller Galaxy Tab in stores.

Furthermore, the court battle ended but the result is coupled with a lot of controversial and conflicting ideas from the Korean gadget fanatic and the winning side. The new upcoming phone or tablet will give us a twists in believing the capacity of Apple to take down their rivals in the industry. Sales of the company continue to increase from their effort to stay on the top of competition. But some of their services are now in the hot seat due to a few suspected vulnerabilities.

iPad 7 remains a mythical story for now but of course, just like of its predecessors in stores, everything starts from any small amount of words coming from the people who are working in the company, right? Leakages from its assembly line is a rare source but their topmost people are also giving a pints of clues for us who are willing to keep up with their every words.

We are very excited for this point because next month, we are about to catch and mark the highlights of the significant gadget ahead of us.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Valkyrie CZ-17 Intel Core i7 Gaming Laptop

iBuyPower continue to answer the needs of PC gaming industry as they brought out their very own Valkyrie CZ-17 Intel Core i7 powered machine. It is a shining 8-thread quad-core CPU running at the top speed of 2.3GHz. And probably, it is powerful enough to cater the minimum and maximum requirements of any resources hungry applications. Other available model are paired with GeForce GTX 680M GPU for the optimal needs of a high-definition resolution. Its GDDR5 4GB RAM can possibly stand out over the other competing brands.

Valkyrie CZ-17 Gaming PC

Furthermore, Valkyrie allows a maximum of 8GB RAM and dealers allows a consumer to choose this package for a different price tag. In terms of efficiency, reviews coming from tech enthusiasts sites tells a positive feedback far from what we know from its predecessors. It is also packed with THX TruStudio Pro application to support its audio requirements for a much better multidimensional sound.

Aside from the F1 to F12 special function key, Valkyrie is equipped with another set next to its power button. It is used to adjust the level of its back lights as well for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The display screen has been designed to help the typist to do their job with the keyboard. Bright enough to brighten the entire platform.

And the base configuration of Valkyrie CZ-17 is also packed with 750GB of HDD and buyers can also choose a much higher specs if necessary. It designed to support SDD drives for additional more faster storage. The 17-inches screen is already big enough in playing HD video just like of what we can get from a flat television.

Lastly, the battery of Valkyrie can give a few more advantage for user because it is fully interchangeable for those who are planning to optimize their usage far from any power outlets. However, it is currently available in iBuyPower for about $1,500.00 per model and other configuration will either increase or decrease this tag.

If you are planning to get one, try to catch your own model by the month of November when Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickoff. Hope this few words of ours can guide you in buying a powerful gaming PC in the market. Before we can forget, it is also packed with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Logo of Microsoft Since 1987

Bill Gates is now changing the logo of his company since 1987 and the time when Windows operating system started to capture the attention of users as well businesses worldwide. This year, they are revamping the icon of the software company far from what we know. People are now talking about the plan of Microsoft but nobody can tell the exact reason why they need to shift from a classical-inspired theme to a more colorful one.

In Windows 8 operating system, we are about to catch the perfect four-color square. The tastes is much sweeter like a retro combination of sharp and vivid artistry. Their upcoming new operating system revealed their changes as well in some of their recognize outlets in United States. The name Microsoft came with a much softer blend of edges rather than written in italic form.

Furthermore, for the past twenty-five years, they are now changing their logo to a much attractive version due to its retro-inspired color combination. The above photo shows a big difference of their old and new one. They are probably re-branding the company flagship aside from having a new line of products this 2012. While preparing for the launching of Windows 8 recently, tech enthusiasts who are on the same venue noticed this phenomenal changes.

They are now making a big changes aside from their logo and probably, to compete. The sale of Apple and Microsoft is not a good basis to compare the nature of their business but for a flagship, the two companies grew from a small-cottage industry to a globally competitive corporation.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPhone 5 is Coming in the Month of September?

For now, everything we share are just a piece of clue that can remind you that there will be a new version of iPhone. People in Apple fanatics fan page in Facebook as well in Twitter continue to knock in the door of the company just to hear a few important line of details from their upcoming handset. However, leaked documents and screenshots from unknown source continue to join the handful of legitimate photos showing a few misleading difference from the original device in the market. We are looking for a much clearer information and we keep track the changes from rumors just to know the real one.

According to our source, Apple will reveal iPhone 5 by the month of September and they are now planning for the said event. That will probably fall on the second week to be followed by its official release date in the 21st. We are just giving you the possible dates and significant event you shouldn't missed as someone from them will just stand to introduce the new line of their product.

We heard that the upcoming model is much bigger in size but the supporting and underlying technology is more sophisticated for most of our applications. If you are relying to iPhone 4S and you learned how to embrace its capability as well performance, you really need to make a new adjustments because the platform is totally different.

This will not include a stylus pen just like on Samsung Galaxy Note. We expect a much faster version and probably, iPhone 5 is up for a dual core technology with a much bigger RAM. This is our own perception for now and reviews coming from reliable source of its predecessors shows the outstanding performance and why not for the newly enhanced one, right?

Clues and rumors coming from those folks who are working in network providers can give a closest details but not the exact stuff we should follow and believed. I tell you, a misleading photo galleries and other stuff are just hovering in every corner of the line nowadays.

Be careful and wait for official statements that will complete the entire story upon watching their keynote speakers introducing the mobile phone to the public.

Laptops Less Than $300 from Back to School Promos

Some stores in United States started to slash their prices to gain the attention of the rushing consumers as "Back-to-School" season is coming. And this might be the right time to choose the cheapest computer that can cater our needs in classrooms, right? It is because, regular tags continue to drop until the last supply vanished from stocks. Few distributors of laptop computers are now sacrificing their profit just to answer the taste of practical buyers. Online portals are now sending their promotional posters beyond their reachable points just to gain our attentions.

Furthermore, there are different brands of laptops on the line which are now knocking in our pockets. In a budget-friend offers where practical shoppers cannot resist. Aside from refurbished models, prices of some new packages are now hitting $300.00 and even for less. Walmart started to offer this cheapest bundles for almost two weeks already and as part of their yearly promo, they are back for another set of products.

Other stores are also participating on the countrywide sales for the year as their complementary for students. Good for college and high school machines are playing from $220.00 to $320.00 only. This might be the cheapest deal for a netbook computers for the month of August and of course, Black Friday as well Cyber Monday will also spark a much lesser tags.

Best Buy as well other participating online stores are now competing for back-to-school promos. Slashing prices and adding gadgets that can tease anyone for the entire package. And what is good about it, most of these laptop computers are pre-loaded with Windows 7 operating system with processors ranging from Intel Atom and AMD dual-core powered models.

The RAMs are ranging from 1GB to 2GB with 320GB to 500GB storage. Some of it which are powered by Intel Core i3 and i5 processors are also joining the competition with promising packages. Color printers, flash drives, and cases are part of some special treats. Gateway, Acer, Toshiba, and Lenovo are now on the top spots followed by Dell and HP on the silent side.

You can visit the official website of your chosen brand to counter-check the other important details. Be vigilant in buying not to missed the possible defects if you are planning to get a refurbished model with a much lesser price.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Use Your iPhone Headset Hidden Controls

Apple is giving a free headset with supporting details found on its inlay card for an iPhone, right? However, most of us prefer not to use that small booklet rather than making our way exploring the entire environment of the handset. Your curiosity can be guided by that piece of paper but of course, due to your excitement to send your first message or connect to any hot spots using your phone, we left that stuff on the box. There are different ways to learn and how to maximize our usage. Take note, the lifespan of your battery decreases as well your gadget from its first day at your hands. Do not missed to use its other important features because your satisfaction will really guarantee.

Apple iPhone Headphones Hidden Controls

The headset of your iPhone is hiding a few important controls that you can use in taking pictures, playing videos, and others. It is design to support your mobile phone and all of these are actually given but if you ignore these, you need to continue your reading in our complete list of helpful tips about it.
  • Center button of the small bar on the right speaker of your headset can let you start or pause your music.
  • You can fast-forward your song by tapping the center button twice and making a long-press on the second action.
  • Rewind your music on a three taps with a long-press on the last tap.
  • Double tapping the center button can skip your song from your playlist.
  • Triple tap can bring you to the previous song from your playlist.
  • Answer your ongoing call while listening to your music by tapping the center button and you can press it again to hangup the line.
  • Long-press the center button to cancel the incoming call and that will give you a sign for voice mail.
  • You can transfer your call by tapping the center button and hold for about 2-seconds to end.
  • It serves as a control for your camera by pressing the volume control upwards to capture your photos in a much steady state if you wish not to hold your phone and put it in a plain surface. Be careful of your device because it is possible to drag it using the headset chord.
  • And the last is, you can prompt Siri through a long-press of the center button (works in 4S model only).
Hope this few words of ours can guide you on how to use your headphones aside from its typical function.

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus with 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU

While other folks are talking about the newest version of Galaxy, we would like to insert this spectacular issue coming from a reliable source on the line. According to report, Samsung is probably working for a new version of Galaxy S II and to be added with "Plus" on its name. However, nobody from the manufacturer can confirmed this story but because of our curiosity, we traced the root of the entire stuff. For now, it is not clear if they really intend this or just to surprise us for another handset coming from its own predecessors that already captured the tastes of some worldwide consumers.

Furthermore, this might be a limited version of Galaxy S II and will limit its availability in some countries in Europe. In Asia, we heard that Samsung is getting more competitive, gaining the advantage of having a cheapest price for mobile phones and supported by different domestic carriers. The favor goes to them because probably, they are working too hard for it to know the needs of their users, right?

In the other side, Galaxy S II Plus might possess a much bigger display as noted by reports. But to make a new one to compete with their very own line of products, that is an odd stuff on that point. T-Mobile is selling the original model but the upcoming one will give us a dual-core CPU powered device. Available in 16GB and other are still wishing for a much higher capacity that would reach to 32GB or even a 64GB model as we look around recently in Samsung users' online community.

To name its specs, this version of Galaxy S II will be powered by Exynos CPU running on the top speed of 1.5GHz. Packed with 1GB of RAM to smoothly run the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system. The most appealing environment of the software completes its requirements aside from the stylish designs as shown on its available photo above.

Pricing details is not yet available because somehow, we are still hoping for a much cheaper model compared to its pioneering versions in stores. It is better to note this story because few months from now, we can probably grab a piece in a very affordable price as Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickoff in November.

LG Optimus Vu is Now Headed to the Global Market

Optimus Vu was exclusively released in South Korea as well in Japan few weeks ago. But now, according to the latest reports coming from LG, they are also planning to bring this model to the global market just like of its predecessors which are now hovering in domestic stores in Asian countries. The five-inches wide screen of the handset make it more unique from its competing products and this might be the widest Android-powered phone nowadays. It is like a tablet computer and compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab with 7.7-inch screen, you can slightly spot the difference in terms of size and aside from its flagship, the company logo.

LG Optimus Vu Demo

It is powered by Android 4.0, a 3G-enabled model with a screen ratio that can accommodate a wide-screened movies. However, the resolution is quite low compared to the other mobile phone but knowing its 32GB storage capability, having a numerous number of video files is not a problem anymore. The rear-camera is capable of capturing an 8-megapixel photos with a 1.3-megapixel on front.

Aside from that, it is also powered by NVidia Tegra 3 processor and others are probably with a dual-core Snapdragon S4. Prices and other important details are not yet available but as we all know, LG is planning to release the Optimus Vu by the month of September. We will be surprised soon by network providers as they just start to teased us with its promotional poster at their outlets.

You can visit the official website of LG for the product page of Optimus Vu or join the conversation of those folks in Facebook unofficial fan page of the handset to discover its other possible features. Availability is not yet clear for most of us but we are currently waiting for any related press releases that will confirmed the entire story.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is Debuted in Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is now one of Samsung's recognized outlet in Europe starting this August 20, 2012 of Galaxy Note 10.1-inch tablet. The company is kept their promises to deliver the first model on this month but for now, we need to wait for few more days before reaching the U.S. market. Pre-order is now available for about 400-pounds (for 16GB model with no 3G connectivity). However, the cost of a 3G-enabled is slightly higher of about 100-pounds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in Carphone Warehouse

Furthermore, it is also packed with a Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen device along with a set of speakers and microphone. Other features includes an Android Ice Cream Sandwich mobile OS and promising underlying technology. It is currently available in black, white, or pink color that will jive to consumer's style. According to previous reports, the Galaxy Note tablet supports a natural way of writing in a typical paper and pen.

Buyers in U.K. can now experience the coolest features of an iPad-like tablet while other western countries are still hoping for its coming a week from now. T-Mobile is currently offering the 5.3-inch smartphone, the original version of Galaxy Note and they are not probably planning to dropped the price because of its strong market value.

In Carphone Warehouse, you can place your order by visiting the nearest outlet in your area and to check for any possible promotional stuff that awaits you. This is the first day of its release and other supporting important details of Galaxy Note are also available on their product page online if you want to know more about the slate.

Throwing a Mobile Phone for a World Record?

As we heard this awkward story recently, we've been stunned and laugh in front of the YouTube video taken from Finland. However, it is 100% true because you can see the contestants bragging their handsets like they doesn't care anymore. And guess what, this year, a teen won the spot for the longest number of yards reached by his old communication buddy. He is Ere Karjalainen, he also set the new world record because of his 101.46-meters distance throwing capability.

He owned an old Nokia and as part of their Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship, he was hailed as the number one thrower for the 13th anniversary of the event. According to report, the winning contestant is supposed to be a British Chris Hugff but has been disqualified due to unknown and unclear issue.

For more, here's a video that will show you these people working for the sake of a new world record in throwing their handset freely:

In addition to this, for the name of sports, this event contributed to the possible changes on weights of mobile phones. Organizers are making their own rules to be heard as well probably to attract more participants in the upcoming years.

If they are using iPhone or Android powered handset, I'd stand at the end line to watch it dropping like a rubber ball but recycles everything what I can get. And how about you? Batteries, mainboards, or other underlying stuffs are still reusable, right?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nintendo 3DS XL is Debuted in United States Stores

Finally, if you are waiting for this much larger version of Nintendo 3DS, it's time for you to pack and visit the nearest electronic stores in your area if you are residing in United States. According to report, it is now available for $200.00 for a regular XL model. In addition to this, the newest version featured a much longer battery life compared to its predecessors. It was first spotted in Japan and following its release in European countries. However, you are not too late to experience the coolest handheld machine from Nintendo because they are now giving us the opportunity after a few weeks of waiting.

Nintendo 3DS XL

While eShop is now offering the New Super Mario Brothers 2, you can own a 3DS XL loaded with this game but expect a variation in prices. The grip is much comfortable compared to the other version as noted by reviews coming from other technology enthusiasts sites. Other features includes a portable power adapter but some of it are only available in Asian and European markets.

The look-and-feel of the 3DS XL is one of its advantage compared to what we can get from other brands which are now continue bump their prices. A cheaper model of this gaming console will probably hit by the month of November as Black Friday and Cyber Monday kickoff.

Join us as we continue to follow the other important details and updates that will complete your shopping spree after of this break.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pre-order, Release Date of iPhone 5 is Up!

For almost two months, we've been following the rumor about the newest version of iPhone or probably, the sixth edition which is now one of the coolest topic in mobile industry to hear nowadays. However, nobody can tell the exact release date of the handset but reports coming from a reliable source on the line are now feasting for its possible features. Handful of photos allegedly coming from its assembly line are also available to give us a few important details and seems a misleading stuffs posted by other tech enthusiasts.

Furthermore, according the latest report, the 12th of September will possibly mark its official announcement along with the company's mini-iPad, the new 7-inch version of the blockbuster slate in the market. Pre-orders will start on the same day but we need to wait for one or two more weeks before the first model lands to its first consumer.

The launching of iPhone 5 will probably fall on September but for now, we are waiting for Apple's official announcements that can make clear of this story. And global market is also aware of the upcoming model and the craving folks for the newest version of this smartphone continue to ask the favor of those people who are closely related to its manufacturer for any available details.

In addition to this, pre-order will probably start by the month of September but wait, we need to be vigilant because misleading information can give us a reasons and lessons not to put our faith on it, right? The new model of iPhone is probably one of the most controversial mobile phone because since January, we heard that Apple is really planning to make a leap coming from their own style and expertise.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sales of Samsung and Apple Continue to Grow

The rivalry of Samsung and Apple continue to excite us! And of course, we are following the leg their race not just in United States but also in other countries. Other gadget manufacturers are struggling to join their tracks. However, consumers is our legal basis to confirm their success in gaining a market share. Some folks are not probably aware that they are currently on the middle of an issue when the infringement case Samsung reached the highest court in the country.

Smartphone industry continue to grow but these two company are willing to share their ideologies for the sake of innovative and game changer products. They compete to earn the attention of consumers in terms of designs, performances, and portability of their handheld machines. Their flagship is currently on the top of the most reputable producers of smartphones and tablet computers.

LG, Archos, Asus, and Dell are also bumping their sales giving us a much cheaper prices compared to Apple and Samsung. A new version of Galaxy Note is about to stunned us once again few days from now along with a 10.1-inch wide tablet model with the same capabilities from a pen-based handset.

According to report, sales of smartphone continue to keep the competition alive. Features and specs are boosting the performance of these gadgets. Plans and binding contracts is not a problem anymore as they partnered with network providers all over the world to give some advantages to their consumers. This might be a good promotional strategies that can really captured the attention of the buyers, right? But for those folks who are not willing to play their aces for sake of gadget, that's a different thing to consider!

Different other brands are now waiting to be discovered while these two companies are now celebrating their success. Every quarter reports coming from their sales is a new milestone for them to maintain as their shares continue to move upwards.

Giving us a much cheaper models (also a discounted one) compared to what we can get from any of their recognized outlet can also inspired us to embrace the power of their technology. And before we can forget, join us as we continue to keep up the other related details from the report coming from the newest report of their sales.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Generation of Samsung Galaxy Note is Coming?

Probably, but recently, we heard that Samsung is up for their plan to release the newest version of their pen-enabled tablet, the 10.1-inch Android-powered handheld machine. Far from what we know, they are now working for another version of their handset, the second generation of Galaxy Note smartphone. That might be a much larger model as noted by some tech enthusiasts on the line. It is probably more lighter compared to what we can get nowadays because they are working for its size and thickness.

Furthermore, aside from having a flashy and colorful case for Galaxy Note phone, the stylish design of a pen-enabled handset remind us of the ongoing trial on infringement case pursued by Apple. We cannot connect the dot for that story but of course, we are having a great time following the other important details that can give us a much clearer view of the two mobile phone manufacturers.

Few weeks or days from now, we will be surprised by the upcoming announcements that will change our perceptions upon handling a piece of Galaxy Note. Their new tablet is powered by a dual-core technology with the newest Android version. The good thing is, Samsung is keeping the competition alive which can also affect the tags of iPhone and other brands, right?

And you can join us as we continue to follow the other important issue related to Galaxy Note after of this break.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Availability of Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet Will Start this August

The company introduces the Android-powered 10.1-inch tablet last February of this year. And now, they are planning to officially release the first and foremost model of their new slate this August. Few months ago, the device was debuted in Consumers Electronic Show (CES) way back in Las Vegas which captured the attention of technology writers because of the stunning features that may change our perception on how to use a handheld computer with a stylus pen. The Samsung Galaxy Note might be a game changer at these point of time but the question is, will its classical design can bring a good vibe for most of us as the consumer?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1-Inch Tablet

Furthermore, that stylus pen is a specialized device for writing and drawing. That is probably right for people who are willing to make this tablet like a typical diary or notebook with their original hand writings, right? Although for us, using a fingertip to work with its upcoming and available application can give us the most of what we need for a touchscreen device.

Compared to Apple's iPad as well to their very own Galaxy Tab, this might be a model that can leave anyone a few more question to consider upon buying. In terms of its underlying technology, we cannot deny that Samsung is making the right decision to packed the entire stuff with a more advance supporting chips. Its dual-core processor was designed for a multitasking computing environment with a much bigger memory size compared to other available tablets. Running a simultaneous applications is much easy for this gadget to manage.

The following are the complete list of specs of Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet:
  • CPU: 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos (quad-core)
  • RAM: 2GB (much bigger than iPad and Galaxy Tab)
  • Storage: Available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB (SSD)
  • Connectivity: Typical WiFi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 (also available with 4G LTE and 3G HSPA)
Other important details are now available in the official website of Samsung. To know more about its design, handful of photos couple on its product page can give us the idea on how it looks like upon reaching the market few days from now.

Review made by CNet remind us of a smartphone version of this tablet which are now available in recognized outlets of Samsung. For additional info, here's a teasing video that will guide you on how to make use of its stylus pen:

Official release date of Galaxy Note 10.1-inch tablet will start this August 15, 2012 in United States, U.K., Korea, as well in Germany. In Asia, we need to wait for a couple of weeks as noted by the company recently.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Google Wallet is Not Working in iPhone and iPad?

Following the review made by PC World recently about the Google Wallet application, we've been stunned by some of its features we also wished for iPhone and iPad as well to other Apple's gadget. Shopping online using our credit, debit, and even gift cards is a different story, right? Aside from PayPal, we can now buy stuff using this app straight from where we are, a little configuration in the settings of its supported device allows anyone to shop at any time of day. However, the benefits of this software is only limited to some available gadgets.

Here's the complete list of supported device of Google Wallet app:
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • LG Viper
  • LG Optimus
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Nexus 7 (tablet PC)
The above mentioned handheld machines are all powered by Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology which make use of PayPass to work.

Furthermore, because of this app, people who learn how to shop online will probably choose a right device that will support their needs in the future. This might be a game changer made by the search giant and Apple is now probably watching the other possible way to compete and continue to earn the tastes of their consumers in the future.

This application is totally for free and Android store is giving our gadget a way to discover the other possible features and benefits ahead of us. And if you are an iPad or iPhone user, you need to wait for further version that will work in your device.

When and Where to Buy a Refurbished iPad Tablets?

Stores in United States are now ready to answer the needs of students all over the country as back-to-school promo hits the line. They are now giving us the opportunity to choose the right stuff necessary for our needs, right? But of course, buying a special gadgets to support your studies can lead to some unpractical way of thinking. Refurbished e-book readers as well tablets are now hovering in online and recognized outlets of its manufacturers as well for the blockbuster iPad tablets. At these moment of time, the pioneering models (first and second generations) are on sales and we can own a WiFi-enabled with storage ranging from 16GB to 32GB for only $400.00. Pretty far from the new original price of about $530.00 (for New iPad) per piece.

Refurbished iPad Models for Sale

These refurbished models possess the original specs coming with a slight changes on its configurations or settings. It is just from a user way of using the tablets before selling it to a much cheaper prices. However, it can give us a reason to own a tablet coming from Apple if it is one of your dream nowadays. You can visit the official website of the company to counter-check the necessary accessories that can protect the second-handed models to prolong the lifespan.

And the only tip that we can share in buying a refurbished model, just check the battery pack and its capabilities to extend your working hours with it. We cannot deny that some of it are already experiencing a battery life trouble just like of any mobile phones. Refurbished iPhone models are also available in Amazon as well in eBay stores. But you need to be vigilant of what you can get rather than having a great time to shop without knowing the condition of these gadgets.

Other important tips are also available in some tech savvy websites in buying a refurbished tablets and smartphones. And you can join us as we continue to share the most important details that can help anyone to find the most from their budgets.

Furthermore, before we can forget, choose the right store to own a refurbished gadget or any stuff rather than knowing its current and negotiable price. Some of its promotional posters are one of the trickiest details that can tease anyone of us.

Leaked Images of Apple 7-Inch iPad, Rounded Up!

Since we heard that Apple is developing a much smaller iPad models, we've been following the other important details that can give us an exciting story. However, people in the wild side of the Internet doesn't wait for any official announcement coming from its manufacturer and continue their quests to open our curiosity. According to our source, the 7-inch model will probably join the competition few months from now (even with no clear evidence aside from images taken from an Asian website). We cannot deny that some of the tricky and modified photographs of a gadget can lead us to a different stuff rather than talking the exact one, right?

Apple 7-Inch iPad

Furthermore, other people in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are now preparing for the upcoming model. As we try to look around recently, we found out that others posted a specs, a convincing underlying technology that supports its entire capabilities. Probably, because Apple is giving them the idea on how to set a clear notes for the upcoming version taken from the original model which are now available in the market.

The unknown specs of the 7-inch iPad will probably surprise us but practical buyers are looking for a much cheaper models. Sales in United States in November (Cyber Monday 2012) will give us a reason to track down the different prices that can help anyone to get a piece of the predicted version. And all we need to do now is to wait for any further announcements to clarify this rumor.

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G Sale in Telus, Bell, and Rogers

The two Canadian telecommunication providers are now selling the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G for about $550.00 without a binding contract. Compared to its regular price in United States, the tag is quite high but they are offering a much cheaper models with the same specs for three years plan. As we can remember, few months ago, RIM (the official manufacturer of PlayBook) announces that they are planning to release a WiFi enabled version but now, they are giving us a chance to experience the 4G technology through their tablets.

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE-Enabled Tablet

In terms of specs, Telus, Bell, and Rogers will offer a 4G LTE-enabled models with a 1.5GHz (dual-core) processor, 32GB of storage, 1GB RAM, 5MP (front) and 3MP (rear) camera. However, the original models that showed out recently in stores are packed with 1GHz CPU but this might be the newest version coming from the same line of products.

Aside from the above mentioned specs, the 7-inch BlackBerry PlayBook featured a 1080p high-definition (HD) capability with a micro-SIM support. It is more lighter and probably, thinner compared to its pioneering models in the market with OS 2.0 software and newest apps.

Buying this model with a binding contract will end up with a high costs. Compared to Apple's newest version of iPad, the company struggle to earn the tastes of consumers around the globe. Competing the top competing brands which are now having a great deal for practical buyers.

Furthermore, sales in Canada will start on next week and if you are planning to buy this model in a much cheaper price, you need to wait as the stores opened for their first consumer starting this Monday.

Awesome photo galleries and teasing details of this new PlayBook model are now available in the official website of RIM. You can try to look around for other important features revealed by its product page.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Apple vs Samsung Patent Infringement Trial Updates

Phil Schiller, the vice-president for sales of Apple recently gave us a keynote to re-introduce the development of their very own iPhone. However, his company continue their trial about a patent infringement case. He tried to point-out their handset design which possibly used by Samsung on their Android-powered handsets which is unclear for most of us since the jury accepted their complaints.

The following video of Steve Jobs (his keynote as he introduce iPhone in 2007) below will show you a few important details related to the case of Apple against the other technology innovator company. This might help you to figure out the exact stuff and side to believe before giving your own opinion. We are happy to hear your side too and for now, we are waiting for other important updates that will give us a clear statements as the response of Samsung.

Here's a video of Steve introduces the very first generation of iPhone before of 3GS and 4G versions:

The development of iPad and iPhone probably inspired Samsung to brought out their own designs but accidentally violates the patent of Apple, right?

Join us as we continue to follow the other important details related to this story after of this break.

Multi-User Galaxy S, Transformer TF101 is Now Possible

Reaching the maximum level of a gadget capabilities is pretty difficult to reach without changing your style as a user, right? The original features is probably hiding a few important stuff that can limit our access to some of its vulnerable parts. However, an article related to the discovery of the new loopholes from the newest version of Android (Jelly Bean) gave us the idea on how to set a multi-user accounts in Samsung Galaxy S III as well in Transformer TF101 handsets. But you need to be serious because somehow, it is not necessary to add a new user for a personal gadget.

According to our source, it is now possible to upgrade your mobile phones in an instance and at no time. There are different ways on how to do this and we cannot even share that stuff for anyone who are currently waiting for the right procedures that will change our perception because we don't want to destroy the reputation of Samsung in a few words.

We know that they are working to make their handsets free from any vulnerabilities but the Android community is giving us the opportunity to make a tweak to maximize our usage. You can try to look around from here but of course, we cannot point you to a certain spot on the line for now. All of this possible steps can harm your phone or leave you at the middle of something which is far from your expectations.

Furthermore, Android 4.1 has been design to a certain purpose and that is to capture our favors. Galaxy S and Transformer TF101 are just the first cellphones that can be treated with a multiple user account but we suggest to discover that stuff by making a right decision. The function and performance of your entire device may receive a slight changes upon enabling this feature.

But how to set a multi-user environment if your are using a one-active account at the same time? That's the question that you need to answer before changing your configurations.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

10th Generation of Archos Tablet is Coming?

Most anticipated gadgets of last year are now all over the market but far from what we know, Archos is having a great time in developing a new version of their tablet. While Asus and other topmost competing brands is moving in the other way, they are now ready to ship an Android 4.0-powered model. But the question is, who are the most persistent people who wanted to own a piece of this slate? Rants are just all over the line telling anyone to catch a simple gadget with a budget-friendly tags. According to our source, someone from a social networking site teases us with a slim shot of Archos Gen 10 or they may call it, GX.

No words for its price yet but of course, we are now expecting a much better tags compared to what we can get from iPad and Galaxy Tab. We are not promoting this tablet but we just want to open your curiosity about the possible cheapest gadget that you can get before the Cyber Monday hits few months from now. Pre-order as well product information page gave us a confusing details just like of what we discover from its pioneering version before.

And whatever name they are about to impose for that tablet, we are just hanging around to figure out the most important info and features to share.

You can join us as we continue to follow the other related info about the upcoming Archos new-generation slate after of this break.

iPhone 5 Tips and Clues Continue to Leak

Unlike of any other ordinary brands, Apple kept their silence about the upcoming new version of iPhone. However, in the other side, curiosity of technology enthusiasts maintains the momentum for different stories related to their handset. According to the latest updates coming from the Asian market, Sharp is now preparing for their package necessary for the blockbuster handset. And production of its touch and resisted screens will start on this month. They are not the only third party company who are supplying this underlying part of the mobile phone which also includes LG as well device from Japan Display.

According to other tips and rumors, the newest version of iPhone is much wider compared to the first four models along with a longer screens. The next-generation handsets is probably thinner just like of their newest versions of iPad, right? Specs and other important details is not yet available even in the company's official web portals.

Consumers are now enjoying the few slashes in prices of iPhone 4S and different stores around the world increases their profits as noted by financial reports from business analyst who are following the sales of Apple. Furthermore, this might be their newest ground to pursue their flagship over the other mobile phone manufacturers.

Base in our analysis, the newest Galaxy Android smartphone declines the sales of Apple because some people learn to appreciate the performance of a much bigger Samsung handset with a good and responsive support from their online community. But our expectation for iPhone 5 remains a smoke of details that may twists your tastes in selecting a right one.