Thursday, June 28, 2012

Google's Nexus 7-Inch Newest Android Powered Tablet

Last Thursday, June 27, 2012, the search engine giant unveiled their very own slate in the market. The 7-inch Google Nexus 7 tablet powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean coupled with a lot of promising features for their attempt to earn the tastes of consumers worldwide. As we listen to company's recent keynote in YouTube, we found out that this model came from the line of Asus Transformer Prime with a newest smartphone operating system.

However, Asus is also known in Android-powered tablets but Google decided to embrace their technology to be the first platform of their Jelly Bean OS next to Ice Cream Sandwich updated version for Sony Xperia S as well for other handsets. Nexus 7 is much lighter compared to Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab because probably of its ergonomics style.

Nexus 7-Inch Newest Android Powered Tablet

Furthermore, Google Chrome is now available in the said version of Android and this might be its first implementation in tablets other than a typical computers. Download for the updated version of this web browser is also available but of course, to experience the stunning features in a touchscreen environment brought us a different story to consider.

Aside from Chrome, customized version of Google Maps is also available. That includes a new set of information but Microsoft as well Apple continue the development of their own sophisticated application. For nearly $200.00, it is good to hear that Nexus 7 can be considered as one of the cheapest tablet in the market.

Availability will start in the month of July and few days from now, you are about to catch this tablet in their pre-order page and recognized outlets all over the country. Reviews coming from tech enthusiasts can help you to know more what's inside the fist Nexus tablet.

For now, we cannot compare the overall performance of this slate and iPad. And of course, try to catch the other important details you shouldn't missed and photo galleries in the official website of its manufacturer for more.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Android 4.0.4 Update is Now Available for Sony Xperia S

Users of Sony Xperia S are now able to download the latest version of Android through their smartphone or by synchronizing their device to PC. That includes a handful of multimedia applications just like of other stuff that we can get from Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system. Facebook, Walkman, and Album apps are only few of its highlighted features that will be added to your handset. Through Movies software, users can watch variety of high-definition (HD) films coming from different file databases online. Some of these serves as the cross-platform for our files like photos and videos coming from one spot to another.

The following video below will show you the changes after the update:

There are several ways to experience the coolest new features that will be added to your handset. But of course, try to make a few important review before changing your entire settings. Be guide by few important tips that can help you to understand the advantage of having an Android 4.0.4 in your Xperia S.

Problems may arise from poor Internet connection and because it is because you need to have a free space of about 200MB for the newest files, download may take too much of your time. Try to rely in a fast WiFi connection rather than using your 4G network with a slower bandwidth compared to a typical wireless spots.

Samsung and other mobile phone brands are also waiting for this update. You have a full-control for your gadget in whatever it takes.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your iPad

If you are new or even an old user of Apple's blockbuster iPad, it is good to remember that keeping your gadget alive can bring us a lot stuff ahead of us, right? And of course, we need to know the basic steps that can help us to maintain the efficiency of this tablet whenever we need it. If you learn how to rely on its available apps, you can probably forget the most important ways to improve its performance. The version of your device doesn't matter at all and remember that nobody can tell us if the battery life is running out or still up as we grab it for our purpose. Apple Store is giving us a chance to download numerous apps that can actually reduce the lifespan of its Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack upon downloading, opening, and leaving the program running in the background services.

Just like in any laptop computers, we can experience a common problem upon running a program that will make use most of our CPU time. Our steps to prevent the draining of our battery on this machine is also applicable in iPad. Leaving an open application in our tablet can really reduce the performance as well its battery charges. Instead of having your charger connected all the time upon using, it is better for us to close the unnecessary stuff and watch your indicator on a steady state.

And how to do this in iPad? You can double-click the home button to showed out the available icons of any running application. That will automatically display the recent program just like of what we can get from any Internet browser's history panel. To manually kill this apps, you need to hold your finger on top of its icon and that will give you a confirmation message before taking your action. By doing this steps every now and then, you can experience the improvements of its battery life.

However, this tips is not only applicable to iOS which are running in iPhone and iPad. Android users can do this in a different ways. Just know the recent apps that can reduce the lifespan of your battery pack and be responsible for whatever stuff that will going to follow. And before we can forget, it is also applicable for mobile phones (like in Nokia, LG, and Samsung) with other operating system. The total number of hours using your portable gadgets can really affect your own performance.

There are several tips that can really improve the performance of your gadget. Turning off your Bluetooth, WiFi, and other networking device while not in use is a good way to maximize some of your resources. The time allotted by our processors for these underlying technology can increase the efficiency of the device. Make it as your habit and be guided by other important details that can help you to optimize your time to deal with any other possible problem.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Xbox 720's Leaked Document Revealed Its Possible Features

Last April, we heard that Microsoft is currently enhancing the available features of their Xbox Live. And now, people who are willing to do something just to discover the truth behind their attempt continue to expose the available details of their newest gaming console. However, these folks are not actually connected to Microsoft nor working in one of their product line manufacturers.

According to their recent discovery, Microsoft is up for their upcoming Xbox 720 possibly by 2013. But there is no confirmation coming from company that will make sure of this report. The leaked document spotted by online communities are the only clues that they are really developing a new gaming console that will change our perception in using Kinect motion controllers and other features.

Possible Xbox 720 Feature

Furthermore, this gadget was build in foundation of Windows 8 and extends its function for our living rooms. This will allow us to record television programs as one of its background services. And that includes a multiple motion tracking support for Kinect, advance voice recognition capabilities, and more.

The gaming console is probably coupled by augmented reality glasses and advance three dimensional output using a specialize screen as a part of its entire function. It remind us of Google Project Glass as well with other Android-powered smart devices with a high-definition (HD) support. Microsoft will probably include a cloud storage system just like of what we can get from Apple's iPad additional features.

Specs and other important details are not yet available but of course, we will not stop to give you the latest headlines that will reveal this gaming console before the first version comes out in the market.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Smartphones in 2012 Next to Apple iPhone

Practical buyers started to look around for alternatives that will overcome the capability of Apple's blockbuster iPhone as the start of this year. We heard a lot of Android-powered handset showing its promising performance and features that can compete to earn the tastes of consumers. The earliest version of every these gadgets shows some of outstanding capabilities especially from the one coming from Samsung. However, people learn how to loved the dynamic features of the famous mobile phone and other brands continue to struggle to get a certain market shares.

We cannot deny that Motorola Droid take advantage the possible design by making a stylish twists in their own model. But the company decided to pulled out the remaining products in 2011 because probably of its shortcomings. When RAZR embrace the power of Android, other folks shifted their way of thinking about the thinnest smartphone in the planet. But poor battery performance declined its ongoing sale. Upgraded version showed out in few months after. Models treated with a dual-core processor rises from the old issue along with its 4G LTE capabilities. It is currently available in Verizon Wireless Center for a very affordable price.

Nokia Lumia 900 debuted embracing the capabilities of Microsoft Windows mobile operating system. We formerly believe that this model is one of the toughest competing handset of iPhone. The classical design added with futuristic features continue to hold the choices of its different buyers. In terms of web browsing, the newest applications coupled to Lumia gave us a unique way of exploring the other possible stuff that we an get.

Furthermore, BlackBerry Bold 9900 showed out the elegance of its slickest design. Compared to other brands, it is the only Qwerty handset with 720-pixels high-definition (HD) video playback support. It is also available in T-Mobile in a good tags coupled with a two-years of binding contract. This model continue to raise its performance just like of Lumia and Droid which are all inspired by the shortcomings from iPhone.

And before we can forget, HTC EVO 4G LTE-enabled and One X handsets continue to bump in the above mentioned models. We find no other worsts scenarios in competition but because of this, the ongoing prices was also affected by every new Android phones. AT&T as well Sprint is backing up the Taiwan-made technology showing their outstanding features which brought them a unique way of uplifting their line of products.

Samsung Galaxy S III is knocking in every door of opportunity. We cannot deny that other countries aside from United States are patronizing this brands over the others because in Europe, the latest survey related to this report shows its smooth edges and levels in sales. Games coming from Android Market as well application highlighted the performance of Galaxy S since from its pioneering version. And now, because of their struggle, they are now on the right track to compete.

These are just the few alternative that we can get in stores. Sales continue to decline since the first quarter of this year. And this might be the awesome time for us to shop before the month of December.