Saturday, May 5, 2012

Xbox Special Edition Package for Only $99 Availability

Other technology enthusiast sites consider this report as a game changer in the industry. But before of anything else, we would like to clarify that we are not the source of this report but people from The Verge knows something about it. According to them, Microsoft is about to release a special edition of Xbox for only $99.00 plus a two-year binding contract. That includes their very own Kinect motion controller which actually cost an about $150.00 in stores. However, nobody can confirm the exact release date of the said package but of course, people are now talking about it in Twitter as well in Facebook unofficial fan page of the gaming console.

Xbox Special Edition Package

Questions started to coming in and out of the line but still, everything remains a mystery for most of us. And in addition to that, this version of Xbox will hit the market by the second week of May. Other bundles includes a premiere subscription of Xbox Live Gold for only $15.00 per month. But you need to finish your contract for two years and you need to pay a termination fee if you break the said contract. You need to sign-up for a new commitment before you can take your gadget for your living room.

However, that will cost you an about $450.00 for two years if you plan to buy a package for about $100.00 only. The price is much higher compared to $300 original tag for Xbox bundled with Kinect. Sad to say, you will be locked in your subscription and a penalty fee is waiting for those who will break the commitment. This sales is not actually good for those practical people but if you are willing to own a gaming console in a cheapest price, this teasing price is a tricky one, right?

Access to Netflix, Hulu, as well in Vudu live streaming sites are also available and in the most recent HBO Go, XFinity TV of Comcast, and MLB. A new version of Bing search engine is waiting for those folks who are willing to experience the newest features of the application. Microsoft is making a great deal aside from making a typical video game machines and their services is getting more wider than before.

Availability of color will probably vary base in their remaining stocks. In terms of specs, everything will come just like of what we can get from the original version aside from its connectivity and binding contract.



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