Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Samsung Galaxy S Has Been Revealed in London

Last Thursday, May 3, 2012 marks the new era of Samsung Galaxy S when the company rolled out the third generation of the mobile phone. Packed with Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, this model is much smarter compared to the two previous version. The new hardware shows a much bigger screen aside from its software updates which is more thinner and lighter compared to Apple iPhone 4S. Before, we heard that Samsung is planning to release this handset but everything remains a mystery when someone from U.K. revealed its promotional poster.

New Samsung Galaxy S Photo

The recent press conference held in London open our curiosity to follow the other important updates in Samsung Galaxy S III. The company continue to drag their product while other manufacturers remains in their silence and keeping up on their ongoing sales. However, nobody can tell if this new version is much cheaper or not far from what we know from rumors around the corner of technology enthusiasts sites. We are looking forward to any reviews just to discover the teasing changes we need to experience in the new Galaxy S mobile phones.

Some enhancements includes a much higher camera resolution both in taking videos and photos. Its 8-megapixels rear cam is already good for a high-definition (HD) output with a very responsive action in taking a series of pictures in just a matter of second.

Here's the other specs and enhancements listed from their press release:
  • S Beam - For transferring of files at no time coming from the same version of the handset.
  • Popup Play - Enable user to play a certain video without switching from web browsing.
  • Smart Alerts - You can catch your unnoticed calls even leaving the phone anywhere.
  • S Voice - Its capability to accept command without handing the device.
  • Smart Stay - The advance power-saving capability which is not available from its previous versions.
Furthermore, sales will start in Europe before the U.S. store at the end of May. According to some tips, this will probably fall to about $200.00 to $250.00 per piece (plus a binding contract) from either 32GB or 64GB models.



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