Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Sony Tablet P Version with Android 4.0 is Coming

Sony is about to bring the other version of Tablet P, their very own dual-screen machine with a typical Android operating system. But of course, this upcoming new versions is now packed with Ice Cream Sandwich, the newest platform which is also coming to the old models. According to report from The Verge, the company officially announce the availability of this updates in Japan by May 24, 2012. AT&T is now selling the current version for about $550.00 and it is also available in Sony's official online store but those models are still up gradable to Android 4.0 for United States consumers.

New Sony Tablet P Version Photo

However, we heard that they are planning to bring this updates way back in April but because probably of their declining sales, they moved that date. Just like of a what we can get from iOS, users can just download this patches for their dual-screen tablets. But for now, it is hard for us to know the changes that will occur next to the user actions.

Furthermore, this handheld machine is packed with 1GHz of NVidia Tegra 2 (dual-core) CPU with 1GB of RAM. With a twin 5.5-inch display in 1024 x 480-pixels resolution were user can flip in both sides just to get their right angle while using. Previously, it is powered by Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system, treated with 3G and 4G network supports.

Reviews and other important details of Sony Tablet P is now available in other technology enthusiasts sites. You can try to look around for handful of photos as well videos that will give you the exact details aside from this few words of ours.

Silicon Micro ST1080 Augmented Reality Glasses

Last month, we heard that Google is currently development their very own augmented reality glasses. But far from what we know, Silicon Micro ST1080 is another brand that can give us what we think from the search giant's upcoming new line of product that will work with Android handsets. And according to Slash Gear, the manufacturer of the said pioneering version is also working for a possible games that will run on the top of their platform. However, it looks more bulky than a typical and wearable eyeglasses. It is because probably of its internal device and built-in computer chips as well the other underlying chips.

Silicon Micro ST1080 Glass Photo

The screenshot provided by our source shows a much bigger device with an earpiece attached on both sides of is ear lever. It is pretty similar to an iMax theater's wearable glass and it is likely designed for home users rather than using it while walking out of the streets. For specs and features, ST1080 is capable of playing 2D as well 3D movies in variety of format. And for now, we cannot totally determine the supported files of this gadget but few days from now, you are about to catch this in electronic stores like a theft waiting to catch the attention of the geeks.

Furthermore, this eyeglasses are also designed to work in augmented reality were users can gain access to its control through the small projected icons. Voice recognition is also one of its additional feature just like of what we heard from Google upcoming model.

And before we can forget, ST1080 augmented reality glasses is up for about $800.00 per piece. That was pretty close to the price of a powerful gaming machines, right? From now on, you can join us as we continue to follow this gadget for its complete specs and features. We are glad to catch a good review that will give us a much clearer view rather than watching its YouTube promotional video recently.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big Discounts in iPhone 4S Hits Best Buy, Target, and RadioShack

If you are planning to own the imminent iPhone 4S nowadays, you can visit Best Buy, Target, as well RadioSharck to get an about $50.00 discounts in any model. While the newest version is currently far from any store shelves, Apple reported the drop on their sales from the past few months forecast and because of this, they allowed their outlets to sell in a much cheaper tag. According to other reports, they are probably working for their upcoming iPhone 5 which is about to hit the market few months from now. However, you cannot find any available models in the online portal of the above mentioned stores.

Discounted iPhone 4S Screenshot

The competition is probably one of their reason to drop the price of iPhone 4S but people are still looking for a great deal rather than embracing the old model with a few promising features compared to the upcoming new version, right? The sales of Samsung continue to invade the market because of their cheaper price and Android is getting more good to captured the tastes of its consumers.

Furthermore, the company is probably cleaning out the old models of their iPhone before the new one. Aside from competition, this might be the right plan as they bring out the flavor of their newest phone by the month of October. Someone from the other side told us that iPhone 5 is pretty similar to what we can get from the 4S version but for now, we are just hanging around to get the exact details as well specs that will confirm everything.

How to Turn Off Your Facebook's Socialcam Auto Sharing

If you are not aware of what is going on in your account in Facebook as you embrace the features of Socialcam app, it's time for you to consider the ethical issue that can probably embarrass your closets friends in social networking site. It can automatically share the videos you watch to your network and become available in your wall far from what you know. And if you want to protect your privacy, you will probably choose not to share anything coming from what you are doing, right? Somehow, this can give you a negative impressions because of some unwanted streams with unusual title. A thumbnail of this clips are also visible and that can attract someone to watch that video as well.

Facebook Socialcam Bugs

The user-generated videos of Facebook users becomes available in the network of their friends coming from YouTube as well in other websites. However, if you are watching anything, you can immediately inform your friends because of Socialcam. If some of them are using this app, that video coming from their auto-generated scenes are also visible from your account.

Furthermore, Socialcam allows us to disable their auto-sharing features for us to maintain our privacy. The following steps will guide you to remove this unwanted and embarrassing experience with your videos:
  1. First, log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Next, proceed to the left-side of your environment and choose Socialcam.
  3. As you enter the application, click in the upper-right portion to choose Settings.
  4. Scroll down to find Auto Sharing
  5. Unchecked selected option
  6. Move downwards and hit the Save button.
The above steps cannot guarantee because according to the latest report coming from its developer, this can revert your changes and they are currently working for a possible patch for us to get rid of this bugs. We suggest to uninstall your application for awhile and wait for a several days or weeks for a much safer version.

For now, we are just hanging around to find a perfect solution and we will continue to follow the other related issue and you can visit the official website of Socialcam for their support in regards of your problem. This Facebook plugin cause a lot of trouble since then and if you are one of its victim, try to remove it and return to your previous platform without a Timeline features.

7-Inch Model of Apple iPad is Coming this Fall?

Last 2010, we heard that Apple is planning to release a 7-inch model of iPad but for almost two years, we end up with nothing but a typical 10-inch tablet. However, BGR noted that the company is really up for a new version, a much smaller slate that will bump with Kindle Fire of Amazon and Nook. According to report, availability of this version will probably start by fall of this year but nobody from manufacturer can confirm this rumor or story that starts to knock in the door of technology writers who are also waiting for this exciting news from press releases.

7-Inch Apple iPad

DigiTimes noted that the partner of Apple is now assembling a 7.85-inch tablet which will cost us an about $250.00 to $300.00 per piece. This might be called an iPad mini and the third quarter of 2012 will give way for this tablet to be heard in the market. In addition to this report, the company received a few samples from their third-party manufacturer or business partner for further verification.

Furthermore, this might be called an iPad 4, the new generation of their tablet which is much cheaper compared to a much wider version. As we can remember, a new iOS updates is now available for download for all kinds of handheld device coming from their line of products. Improvements in Safari browser as well in 2G and 3G connectivity has been address by the newest patch.

Handful of photos showing a confusing smaller model of iPad is now available and somehow, we need to evaluate the source just to know the real and existing machine.

You can join us as we continue to follow the other important updates coming from Apple as well to any story related to this report.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apple iOS 5.1.1 Update is Now Ready for Download

If you are an iPad user, check your tablet settings for the newest updates that awaits you. Apple is now giving the latest patches for their slate machine along with some additional improvements. The new version of iOS includes fixes for common bugs aside from additional features in photo capturing capabilities for second and third generation device. You can visit the official website of Apple for your inquiries and supports that can help you to understand the updates that will change some of your applications.

Download will take a few minutes of your time depending from the speed of your Internet connection. But in a typical broadband, you can completely change your software for about 10 to 20-minutes to complete your installation.

Here's the complete list of fixes coming from iOS 5.1.1 updates:
  • Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the shortcut from Lock Screen.
  • Fixes bugs that prevents the newest tablet from switching between 2G to 3G networks.
  • Patch for bugs that affects AirPlay video playback.
  • Safari bookmarks and Reading List has been improved during the synchronization process.
  • Alert for successful alert is now available for the issue of "Unable to purchase" problem.
These are just the few important changes that you need to know. This minor revision can probably help you to optimize your resources and can improve your shopping spree in Apple Store, right? Switching problems in networks has been fixed due to enormous number of complaints coming from their worldwide customers.

Apple iOS 5.1.1 Update

Furthermore, we suggest to keep up with your tablet's support center before downloading the newest updates that will cost you an about 54MB of storage space.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sales of Sony PlayStation Vita is Getting More Stronger

The selling price of Sony PlayStation Vita is probably one of its fundamental secret to success in other countries compared to Japan. It is because according to company's CEO Kaz Kirai, their sales reached to a maximum of 1.2-million units since the first month of its availability. Tags in United States for a 3G-enabled model is playing in $250.00 to $300.00 only and that is probably the reason why people continue to patronize the handheld gaming machine. Their sales grew an about fifty-percent next to their release in American stores.

However, according to report, it is only limited in some area in Japan, the first country where the replacement of PSP was spotted few months ago. And their sales run with a little market share compared to the other regions. In Europe, gamers find a way to appreciate the newest and downloadable games of the portable console and somehow, people learn how to keep up with the latest changes from a typical device. For now, press releases coming from Sony noted that about 600-thousand units has been sold for only two-months of its official release.

Sony PlayStation Vita Screenshot

Furthermore, we cannot compare the advancement of Sony with what the Samsung is trying to reach before the end of this year. They are planning to sell an about 10-million units by the end of 2012 and hopefully, as prices continue to drop, everything seems possible. However, tablet computers and mobile phone users are now changing the way they play their favorite games. The support of iOS and Android operating systems for some of those available games in Vita competes in the tastes of consumers.

We cannot deny that iPad as well Galaxy Tab made a big twists in competition and Nintendo is now planning to brought out their own newest handheld console. They will be joining Vita to gain a market share and that's a good reason for us to watch the competition because prices can really drop without a prior notice from the game producers.

Discounted Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 is Now Available

The 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab is now headed to United States stores and guess what, Micro Center is offering a $50.00 slash from its original price. However, sales will start this Monday, May 13, 2012 and this tablet is also available in Office Depot, Tiger Direct, MacMall, Fry's, as well in J&R but that is good for about $400.00. Other retailers offers a set of package that can tease anyone in buying while others are still waiting for the right time for coupon codes. Shoppers can now place their order either online or in any recognized outlets of its manufacturers.

As we can remember, the 7-inch version of this handheld machine showed out in Verizon last April and now, the much bigger and wider model is up to join the competition. The smaller one was exclusively distributed by the network provider for only $250.00 plus a binding contract for consumer's data plan. Furthermore, the 10.1-inch model got a much tougher performance not only for its legitimate looks but because of its promising underlying technology.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 10.1-Inch Model

Here's the complete specs of a bigger Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0:
  • CPU: 1GHz (dual-core)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Camera: 13MP (rear) and VGA (front)
  • Weight: 1.3lbs
  • OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Others: IR Blaster and MicroSD car support
These are just the few important features we need to know and if we will going to compare this specs in Apple blockbuster iPad 3, we cannot deny that everything is almost similar, right? And upon watching the video of a dissected model recently, we can say that everything that runs within that device are all came from a single producer somewhere in Asia.

Micro Center is the only store that currently offers a $50.00 discount. That is already big compared to what we can get from Office Depot as well in other competing outlets which is now good for only $350.00.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Samsung Galaxy S Has Been Revealed in London

Last Thursday, May 3, 2012 marks the new era of Samsung Galaxy S when the company rolled out the third generation of the mobile phone. Packed with Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, this model is much smarter compared to the two previous version. The new hardware shows a much bigger screen aside from its software updates which is more thinner and lighter compared to Apple iPhone 4S. Before, we heard that Samsung is planning to release this handset but everything remains a mystery when someone from U.K. revealed its promotional poster.

New Samsung Galaxy S Photo

The recent press conference held in London open our curiosity to follow the other important updates in Samsung Galaxy S III. The company continue to drag their product while other manufacturers remains in their silence and keeping up on their ongoing sales. However, nobody can tell if this new version is much cheaper or not far from what we know from rumors around the corner of technology enthusiasts sites. We are looking forward to any reviews just to discover the teasing changes we need to experience in the new Galaxy S mobile phones.

Some enhancements includes a much higher camera resolution both in taking videos and photos. Its 8-megapixels rear cam is already good for a high-definition (HD) output with a very responsive action in taking a series of pictures in just a matter of second.

Here's the other specs and enhancements listed from their press release:
  • S Beam - For transferring of files at no time coming from the same version of the handset.
  • Popup Play - Enable user to play a certain video without switching from web browsing.
  • Smart Alerts - You can catch your unnoticed calls even leaving the phone anywhere.
  • S Voice - Its capability to accept command without handing the device.
  • Smart Stay - The advance power-saving capability which is not available from its previous versions.
Furthermore, sales will start in Europe before the U.S. store at the end of May. According to some tips, this will probably fall to about $200.00 to $250.00 per piece (plus a binding contract) from either 32GB or 64GB models.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Xbox Special Edition Package for Only $99 Availability

Other technology enthusiast sites consider this report as a game changer in the industry. But before of anything else, we would like to clarify that we are not the source of this report but people from The Verge knows something about it. According to them, Microsoft is about to release a special edition of Xbox for only $99.00 plus a two-year binding contract. That includes their very own Kinect motion controller which actually cost an about $150.00 in stores. However, nobody can confirm the exact release date of the said package but of course, people are now talking about it in Twitter as well in Facebook unofficial fan page of the gaming console.

Xbox Special Edition Package

Questions started to coming in and out of the line but still, everything remains a mystery for most of us. And in addition to that, this version of Xbox will hit the market by the second week of May. Other bundles includes a premiere subscription of Xbox Live Gold for only $15.00 per month. But you need to finish your contract for two years and you need to pay a termination fee if you break the said contract. You need to sign-up for a new commitment before you can take your gadget for your living room.

However, that will cost you an about $450.00 for two years if you plan to buy a package for about $100.00 only. The price is much higher compared to $300 original tag for Xbox bundled with Kinect. Sad to say, you will be locked in your subscription and a penalty fee is waiting for those who will break the commitment. This sales is not actually good for those practical people but if you are willing to own a gaming console in a cheapest price, this teasing price is a tricky one, right?

Access to Netflix, Hulu, as well in Vudu live streaming sites are also available and in the most recent HBO Go, XFinity TV of Comcast, and MLB. A new version of Bing search engine is waiting for those folks who are willing to experience the newest features of the application. Microsoft is making a great deal aside from making a typical video game machines and their services is getting more wider than before.

Availability of color will probably vary base in their remaining stocks. In terms of specs, everything will come just like of what we can get from the original version aside from its connectivity and binding contract.