Saturday, April 7, 2012

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are Both Real or Not?

Rumors coming from different reliable source can trick anyone who are not aware of any official announcements coming from these two gaming console manufacturers. However, we are trying to rely in any available press release straight from producers rather putting our beliefs to a mystical story. Microsoft is probably developing a new version of Xbox and align their product to the needs of the global consumers, right? And of course, Sony is not too late to put the name of their flagship on the same track. As we heard PSP Vita few months ago, we started to do our own part by helping those folks to train themselves adopting the changes coming from a typical machine to a touch-screen enabled device.

Microsoft Xbox 720 Prototype

Xbox 720 Prototype

Some of our advice reach the farthest side of the world with realizing the impact of this gaming console in the ongoing competition of different brands. And because of that, we never heard the Game Boy of Nintendo for the pasts months but updates for apps continue to spread like a usual stuff on the line. Xbox 720 is probably one of Sony's advance platform aside from Kinect technology. We expect this gadget to be added in their package along with additional device to support our gaming needs.

Sony PlayStation 4 Prototype

The potential of Microsoft and Sony to produce a much better product remind us of their upcoming new line of gaming consoles. But people who already enjoying these entertaining box expect to have their games available rather than to have a new one and turn their backs to their old days. According to the latest updates, most of these apps will probably work but other needs to have their patches to work. This might be the sad thing that we need to know and we cannot compare these consoles to iTunes App Store as well in Android Market.

And because of that, let us try to follow the other important details and announcements coming from Microsoft and the company's closest competitor. This might be real and we just need to wait while these company continue to improve their services. Everything is just a mystical story but we do not forget to explore for any possible discovery that can make this report clear to all of you.



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