Sunday, April 8, 2012

Universal Studios Re-Downloadable Movies in iTunes

Good news for everyone who already have an existing account in iTunes for we can now re-download our purchased videos coming from Universal Studios regardless of the platform. Apple allows their subscribers to re-download those clips in iPhone through iCloud bearing a the same account. All registered users in Apple TV app can now watch their favorite films in mobile phones as well in Macintosh computers.

Universal Studios Re-Downloadable Movies Screenshot

Universal Studios tied up with iCloud services of Apple next to the launching of their TV app few weeks ago. We can experience a high-definition (1080-pixel HD) video playback in iPad through the newest interface and additional contents. The entertainment company is now participating in this new services of Apple were we can seamlessly access those costly video not just in a single device.

However, free and downloadable clips are also available but we need to catch the classical or probably, a much older video compared to what we can get with a corresponding price. iCloud continue to attract anyone but still, people who loved to hang-out with other video streaming apps can find a different way to watch.

While HBO Go and Comcast worked together for Microsoft's Xbox 360 new services, Universal Studios made their first commitment in the other side. The two competing companies continue their effort to gain a much higher market share. But somehow, we cannot compared the number of users as their possible subscribers in different platforms, right?

Furthermore, Sony is not joining the competition instead, they are probably working behind the current issue and will start to innovate without a prior notice. Samsung Smart TV's are also hoping for this video streaming providers to support their own device but probably, we need to wait for a several months before they give in.



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