Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shazam 5.0 vs Hulu Plus Video Streaming Quality

This might be a big surprise for iPhone users who are currently using the old version of Shazam multimedia player. And if you failed to try this before, you can visit the iTunes App Store to get a free and downloadable version just to experience how the entire system works for you. Previously, the app has been optimized to play a certain music and leave the other options to its user. It gathers all the available details needs by the user and helps identify the next step to own the files with a corresponding price. It is like a portal of multimedia files and now, they are adding a new capability by giving a video information from their own online database.

Shazam 5.0 vs Hulu Plus

Aside from a corresponding price for the full version of Shazam 5.0, other complimentary products are also available as an add-on for every purchase. Encore and RED costs an about $6.00 along with other promotional stuff. It is not bad for iOS users because somehow, it is much cheaper compare to other apps with the same capabilities and functions, right? As the matter of fact, there's a lot of these multimedia player but only the excellent one that jives in the user tastes will stand out!

Latest features and updates are also available along with great improvements in LyricPlay and Friend Feed connectivity. Probably, the developer discover the discrepancies and they need to bring an extra social part to bring a much better services. The graphical user interface (GUI) got a minor changes aside from the speed of downloading those important details needed by its user.

Some television shows are also available in Shazam 5.0 just like of what we can get from Hulu Plus. Their services is pretty similar but the other one is only limited to a detailed guide where to buy a video or music on the line.

However, we are not actually aware of Shazam and Hulu Plus video streaming quality. The iOS support for high-definition (HD) format will change their competition and the type of video coming from their respective sources. YouTube is the first source that offers a much better viewing experience but in terms of quality, we cannot compare the three apps running on the same environment without knowing the exact type of video.



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