Friday, April 6, 2012

Sergey Brin Photo Wearing a Google Eyeglass Prototype

Few days ago, we heard that Google is currently working in Project Glass to bring an augmented reality through a wearable eyeglasses. And recently, Sergey Brin, the company's co-founder has been spotted wearing the prototype of this gadget in charitable event. That might be the first version of the said device and just like of what the video tells about, it has a small screen that can project anything towards the eyes of its bearer. Furthermore, according to our source, they are now on a testing stage in public.

The man who share his experiences and report was Robert Scoble who happens at the Foundation Fighting Blindness charity along with his friend Thomas Hawk who took the picture we posted below:

Therefore we can say that Google is really serious on their plan. Aside from that, recently, we heard that they are also planning to release their very own first tablet PC in the market few months from now. And this innovation can make other companies to bring their best before its too late as competition continue, right?

Going back to Sergey and Robert, nobody from the said event knows that the man is currently wearing a special eyeglass aside from the curious people around. A special thing that a geek can really manage to ask something about it.



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