Friday, April 6, 2012

Samsung is Making Fun of Their Galaxy Tab 7.7-Inch Tablet

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other tablet, will you try to open your gadget because of your curiosity? In my case, my first iPad (1st generation) teases me to make a detailed review and I decided to make use of my time working with a screwdriver just to know the underlying technology of the gadget. But not for Samsung because recently, the company showed out a handful of photos showing the dissected machine and its innermost parts.

Last month, the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch model started in Verizon. It is only available on that store all through the United States as their official 4G network provider as well. That will cost consumers an about $500.00 plus a $30.00 monthly binding contract for two-years (good for 2GB of packet data). The LTE-enabled tablet is now joining the competition and probably, consumers will not try to dissect their machines because of its breakable warranty, right? That is why Samsung provided a much better view of what's inside the case rather than for us to sacrifice our device.

Check the following photo below for the entire stuff:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7-Inch Tablet Different Parts

We do not advice anyone to do this but we are sharing this pictures coming from the company website as your only reference.



There are actually hundreds or even thousands of photos of this Galaxy Tab model but the above photos are actually taken from the original machine. Other geeks are now probably keeping an eye on this dissected tablet and because of that, we can make our own style soon in changing the configuration of the entire thing. Specs can give us a detailed stuff but watching these pieces can really increase our motive to make a good review of the entire device.

And before we can forget, we are referring to a 16GB model with an Android 3.2 operating system Galaxy Tab version. It is not just for fun but talking about this can really inspire us to follow their other dissected electronic products in the future.



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