Thursday, April 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III is Fake?

Technology enthusiasts started to write something about Samsung Galaxy S III few weeks ago but nobody can confirm the exact date of release until someone from the other side showed out a leaked photo from an upcoming event in U.K. That maybe the official launching date of the upcoming handset but according to a reliable source, they do not expect this since then.

Somehow, that stuff can attract the other readers or online writers because of the handset's previous version success in the market, right? We can expect a much better services and features or even the company will bring a more advance version compare to its old typical capabilities. An LTE-enabled and with a much higher storage specs and speed.

Samsung Galaxy S III

And one of those shows that the said event will fall on 22nd of May of this year but as we visit Samsung for confirmation, there is no single words or promotional facts that will verify the entire thing. See the following photo below for more:

Samsung Galaxy S III Promotional Poster

The company is not probably aware of what is going on behind the handful of photos that keeps on coming in and out of public online community. These images started to pop up in few Korean website but still, no one from the company can confirm the availability of this Galaxy model. Furthermore, the last time we heard the name of Samsung is when they officially announce their plan to optimize their business in LCD screen productions.

However, you can try to keep up with us in Cyber Crave as we continue to follow the other important issue related to Samsung Galaxy S III after of this break. This will remain a mystery and that guy who share this leaked photo might be one of those curious folks around the web.



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