Monday, April 2, 2012

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 28nm Quad-Core Processors

Smartphones and tablets chip manufacturer is now facing a new challenges in software industry needs. Just like of Intel and AMD, they need to make a new adjustment as application continue to evolve from a lighter to heavier requirements. ARM Qualcomm is currently developing a 28nm quad-core platform for laptop computers as noted by PC World recently. It is because probably of the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and they are designing a power-efficient processors just like of what they already have.

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU Photo

Their very own low-powered wireless device and latest DPS technology are the initial outcomes coming from their effort to answer the needs of their consumers. Gadgets that rely on their line of products celebrates their success aside from having a good wave of fans around the world. However, people are not actually aware of what is going on inside instead, prices can somehow affect the ever changing needs of the industry.

The upcoming Snapdragon machines will now support its entire functionality. Windows 8 is a good start for them to produce a new line of products and take part in the fast growing needs of education and allied industry. eReaders, Android tablets, and even Apple embraced their excellent technology to bring the efficiency of these products.

We heard Snapdragon technology in smartbooks before, but now, they are probably willing to compete and bring their names of the top of CPU producers. In the other side, we are looking forward in their success because we believe that we can get a much cheaper machines running on ARM-based architecture.



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