Monday, April 9, 2012

Origin PC Introduces EON15-S and EON17-S Gaming Machines

Several computer brands continue to make a more powerful models for the tastes PC gamers rather than to compete with Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation. Video games are mostly available in any platform aside probably of Flash mini-clips, right? We cannot deny that every console can attract the players to embrace its functionality as well support coming from its respective manufacturers. That is why Origin PC is now on their way to provide the needs of some users.

Origin PC EON15-S and EON17-S Gaming Laptops

EON15-S and EON17-S is the newest models coming from their new line of product. A more powerful machines that can possible cater the needs of the PC gamers. However, the price tags are not too friendly as what we thought about because probably of its advance underlying technologies that supports its entire performance. And this gaming laptops has been optimized to its maximum level  but the cheapest model can cost us an about $1,525.00 (with original and base configuration).

Both of the two Origin PC's newest gaming machines are powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU's with NVidia GeForce GTX series of GPU. It is also packed with Optimus power-saving technology and Onkyo surround audio system. These are available in either black, red, silver, as well a customize designs. It is quite unique compared to Dell gaming and powerful models because of its futuristic cases.

Other specs are not yet available for now but few days from now, you can expect this to showed out along with its pre-order page in Amazon or other Origin PC's recognized stores.



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