Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Tips and Tricks for iPhone with iOS 5.1 Update

If we are not aware of what we can get from a certain software, we cannot maximize or even recognize the great stuff out it, right? We can make use of our smartphone in a very simple and usual way if we are not aware of its other hidden functions. And to optimize the performance of this device, try reviewing the manual of your handset as well those other available details coming from the package. The newly released update of iPhone got a few important part that can amaze us in some other way and probably far from what we know. Some folks are already enjoying those available features but of course, we would like to share this several tips and tricks for anyone who would like to maximize the use of their gadget.

New Tips and Tricks for iPhone

However, old iPhone users need to update their software to version iOS 5.1 before these common tweaks will work.

Let's start with a lost mobile. How can you find your missing handset without asking the help of others? Find My iPhone App can now path you to the current location of your cellphone through a graphical platform. But of course, you need to have a specific account to use this unique and intelligent feature.

Find My iPhone App Photo

Another one, if you want to take a screenshot of your active window, just use your Home button, press and hold it down and go over with your Sleep, the Camera Roll will take the rest. You can make use of this in grabbing those images coming from the web through a Safari browser. Aside from that, you can optimize your battery by lowering the brightness of your device without affecting the function of that shortcut. The resolution of those taken images will retain its high-definition (HD) format.

Apple iPhone Desktop Screenhot

Furthermore, if you want to share your iPhone movies, videos, or any clips to iPad, you can use your AirPlay Mirroring to synchronize your screen. That will only works for the second as well third generation of their tablet which supports the newest Apple TV app. An iPhone 4S model is necessary for this advance but pretty technical feature because you need to double-click the Home button for the direct access.

Apple TV and iPhone Synchronization

Using its headset cord can help anyone to take a good shot for photos and videos without touching your entire device. Right now, aside from using its available buttons for the volume, you can now make use of it as your not so handy control.

New iPhone Headset

Lastly, Microsoft Word-like spelling and grammar checker is now available in this version of iOS. And you have the option either to use it during your typing session or not by pressing the close button next to the virtual keyboard. You can close its suggestion box by tapping outside of its active window. Aside from that, a more smarter Siri is here to help us with our daily routine by making use of its location-based function.

iPhone Spelling and Grammar Checker

There are a lot of tips as well tricks that will help us to make fun of our smartphone. Start learning these features through a detailed research or you can take a look around for additional details. Its built-in dictionary is now ready to discover the other hidden features coupled with a technical procedures. And you can even revive your device through a hard reset.

Hope these few tips of ours can guide you and we are looking forward for your success in tweaking your iPhone starting at this point. Thank you so much and more power!



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