Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Touchscreen Capabilities and Features

For now, we are not actually aware of what is going on in Microsoft and their plan to release the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. But before of anything else, we already made our test results in comparing a tablet and a typical touchscreen notebook computers. In terms of performance, we cannot deny that the underlying technology and overall supports change our perceptions. The one that runs on the top of Windows (notebook) environment is quite slower because probably of a much heavier applications.

A much bigger icons of a touchscreen notebook can directly guide us to the direction of applications but the loading time is much longer compared to what we can get from Apple's blockbuster tablet. We compare the two different device to know the efficiency and how the machines response to a robust action of the user. But we set aside those stuff for awhile and continue to a much deeper understanding of the touchscreen technology.

Microsoft Windows 8 Touchscreen Screenshot

Furthermore, the Windows 7 installed in our notebook computer shows the elegance of its environment and the iOS of iPad stands out because of its responsive result. According to our research, the newest version of this operating system has been optimized to a much better result but for now, we are waiting for a full version running in our machines rather to rely in opinions of other writers.

The capabilities of Windows 7 to support the touchscreen technology is pretty similar to what we can get in version eight. A customized environment can probably bring us a good understanding on how to make use of the virtual and physical keyboards. And we are looking forward to a more powerful machines for Windows 8 to gain a much quicker response on every action of the user.

And our verdict, what we can get from Windows 7 can also be given by the succeeding version but the speed will probably vary base on the device manufacturers. Tips in making a customize environment is also available on the line for those who are not aware of their touchscreen notebooks. At first, we try to rely in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) of Microsoft about it and far from what we know, we can even make it in just a couple of minutes if want.

Catch our detailed review about the other capabilities and features of Windows 8 in touchscreen environment after of this break.



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