Sunday, April 1, 2012

jetBook Color Deluxe eReader with C-Pen Scanner

The availability of tablet or slate computers can confuse the eBook buyers, right? Because probably of its advance features compared to what we can get from eReader. But in terms of power efficiency, this gadget can really stand out without compromising the time of its user. Before of iPad and other Android-powered handheld machines, Nook and its competing products stars the Amazon as well in some famous online bookstores. However, the competition continue to tease us where to rely in the future. jetBook Color Deluxe is a 9.7-inch one with a Triton E Ink screen eReader. A low-powered device and can work longer on its functionality compare to other ultra-portable machines.

jetBook Color Deluxe eReader

Furthermore, it includes a C-Pen scanner for capturing text one line at a time. You can make use of this device like a marker and bring your most important notes directly to jetBook Color instantly. The additional feature has been optimized to keep track the right text from the tough location or sources. It can be bend to follow the curves and designed to completely recognize a different font styles. Problems is probably possible in capturing of the user's desired stuff just like of a voice command interference.

Sad to say, the cost of jetBook is much higher compared to some tablet models. If you are a practical buyer, for about $600.00, you probably choose to have a budget-friendly and cost-effective device. The capability is quite different but try not to forget the other possible features which can fulfill your needs.

And before we can forget, specs and other important details will follow on this post.



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