Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google's Project Glass is Up for Augmented Reality

Imagine your self waking up in the morning with a hands-free technology to support your choirs through a simple gestures. Pretty different, right? Google recently showed out their plan to make a new advancement through Project Glass, a quite weird but possible system which can bring us an augmented reality through an eyeglass that will bring us a much better life in the future. Just like of a typical Bluetooth earphone device, smartphones can relay signals and make us free from any additional wire coming from a handset. And how about a voice recognition feature that will take your command straight to what you want through your device and catch the result back in no time?

According to our source, folks from Google is currently developing a technology that will change our perceptions in Android devices in the future. The Project Glass is like a dream for anyone but now, they are making their first step to put this into reality. This will bring Google Maps and Talk to a compact eyeglasses with a built-in camera just like of what we can get from a regular feature of a smartphone.

Epson Moverio BT-100 is pretty similar to what we are talking about but it is only good for watching movies. This gadget will cover almost half of human face but Google is preparing for a much lighter and smaller package. However, it is also powered by Android operating system to support its entire functionality but in terms of services, the search engine will probably some of their advance platform just to make everything more real.

Everything started with a concept and if you want to know more about Google's Project Glass, catch the following video below:

We cannot totally compare this technology to what we currently have. But our future can be altered through the basic stuff that we can get from today's devices, right? This can probably earned the interest of geeks out there and open our curiosity on what we need to know.

Photo Galleries Introducing Google Project Glass

The basic features of Project Glass has been enumerated on that clip but let us try to follow the other important details you shouldn't missed from Google after of this break.



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