Friday, April 6, 2012

Google 7-Inch Android Tablet is Coming!

For now, nobody can confirm this story coming from The Verge but it is clear that the search giant is currently developing an iPad-like machine powered by their very own Android smart-devices operating system. If it is possible for them to brought out their Nexus few years ago, and why not on slate? According to report, they are planning to release their 7-inch tablet by the month of July. They are also working on a new version of Android with a code name Jelly Bean next to Ice Cream Sandwich. And this will probably work on that handheld machine few months from now.

Google 7-Inch Android Tablet Concept

Furthermore, Google delayed the release of this tablet due to their price plan. They are planning to bring a more cheaper tag compared to what we can get in other brands in the market. However, there are rumors that Apple is currently working for an iPad-mini, a 7-inch model of their regular machine. While Google is making a few twists on their upcoming price, in the other side, other manufacturers starts to feel the needs of practical buyers.

Google make use of Nexus for their smartphone before but somehow failed to earned the highest share from the market. Now that they already have the new track, this can actually affect the price of other brands in stores. Aside from Project Glass, their guts to make use of their resources and strong affiliations in other company can bring them a move advance marketing strategy in the future.

The price of the said tablet will probably fall from about $250.00 and up just like of some Asustek slates in the market. We know that these two company is working together for the advancement of their product. And how about Acer and Samsung Electronics? Will they continue to embrace the power of Android for their own lines? Maybe, but we are not actually aware of what is going on between these companies at this moment but join us as we continue to follow this rumors coming from other tech journalist who are also keeping their eyes on that gadget.



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