Monday, April 9, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Reported Problems and User Complaints

At first, I cannot believe that Apple can suddenly turn down my tastes in tablets. Having a first generation of iPad satisfied my daily needs to support my Internet browsing requirements and more. But because of some undisclosed reports coming from numerous user of their newest slate, I decided to hang around to find a possible and helpful tips aside from the company's Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) pages.

The newest version of iPad is now packed with Retina high-definition (HD) display technology which is actually more advance compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets as well to other competing brands. However, few tech journalists criticized the said feature because according to them, it can bring a rough edges of any clips coming from the Internet. Poor imagery or shoot can be determined directly through the pixelated screen outputs.

Apple iPad 3 Retina Display Screenshot

Other user brought out their complaints in online community and forums telling everyone of a yellowish side of their iPad screen. This might be the effect of some hardware defects coming from its poor manufacturing processes. And because of that, Apple really need to address this problem because people can put their negative comments which can turn their consistency downwards, right?

Aside from the screen issues, its wireless connectivity got a few concern coming from those people who sense the common problem. And according to them, you can lost your connection in an instance when you start to change your position. The support forum of Apple has been flood by comments which includes this problem and compared to its predecessors, everything from the old stuff continue to work smoothly.

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Device Photo

Furthermore, overheating and battery problems can bring a lot of confusions to the user. But these reported issue are not actually common compared to the above mentioned negative feedback. Very sensitive users can probably experience a hotter portion of their tablets. Thermal specification of the iPad 3 is pretty high which can happen to any other handheld machines. Changes in temperature cannot totally break the entire thing but reaching its maximum level is already close to some burning point.

iPad 3 Battery Photo

Using the tablet with a connected charger can harm the gadget as well the user. It is possible for any disconnection during that time and can result to a overheated ports. That can cause a severe damage in some cases. Poor outlet connections can also put your tablet into risk because of the changing phase of the current.

Other battery reported problems are also available in other technology enthusiasts forums and sites talking about the other related rumors to the new generation of iPad.



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