Friday, April 6, 2012

A 4G Version of BlackBerry PlayBook is Coming?

A 4G version of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is coming and probably by this year. Following the official release of the company's 7-inches tablet last February in Canada as well in neighboring countries, the availability of a more advance and faster network drives them to produce a much efficient device. However, nobody from them can confirm this report, someone from CB Forums gave a few photo showing the variant of the handheld machine running an app that only works in 4G environment.

4G Version of BlackBerry PlayBook

Furthermore, it is hard for us to determine if that shots are taken from the original BlackBerry model because someone in the other side can actually make a little changes of that photos to make it more realistic. And we do not under estimate the reputation of our source instead, we've been with a lot of issue before related to fake gadgets supported by hoax reports.

At the first glimpse, we can say that it is real and it is possible for RIM to produce a 4G and even LTE-enabled tablet. Services coming from network providers supports their original press releases and that can give a great ease to their consumers. One of those clip shows a detachable SIM card cartridge on the nearby HDMI and other available ports.

RIM's tablet is little bit cheaper compared to Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Prices varies in different regions but in terms of capability and features, in some other way, they can make us feel great with their gadget. And if you are a practical buyer, you will probably choose a budget friendly machines than to spend more to others with the similar functionality.

The advantage of Android and iOS powered tablet is that, they have their online portals for their exclusive apps.

Before we can forget, this upcoming new model of BlackBerry PlayBook is also powered by 1GHz or higher TI OMAP 4 dual-core processor with their own tablet operating system. For now, we will leave the decision for you to believe or throw away this tip and catch the other important details that will complete the story from those folks working behind the development of this tablet.



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