Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Tips and Tricks for iPhone with iOS 5.1 Update

If we are not aware of what we can get from a certain software, we cannot maximize or even recognize the great stuff out it, right? We can make use of our smartphone in a very simple and usual way if we are not aware of its other hidden functions. And to optimize the performance of this device, try reviewing the manual of your handset as well those other available details coming from the package. The newly released update of iPhone got a few important part that can amaze us in some other way and probably far from what we know. Some folks are already enjoying those available features but of course, we would like to share this several tips and tricks for anyone who would like to maximize the use of their gadget.

New Tips and Tricks for iPhone

However, old iPhone users need to update their software to version iOS 5.1 before these common tweaks will work.

Let's start with a lost mobile. How can you find your missing handset without asking the help of others? Find My iPhone App can now path you to the current location of your cellphone through a graphical platform. But of course, you need to have a specific account to use this unique and intelligent feature.

Find My iPhone App Photo

Another one, if you want to take a screenshot of your active window, just use your Home button, press and hold it down and go over with your Sleep, the Camera Roll will take the rest. You can make use of this in grabbing those images coming from the web through a Safari browser. Aside from that, you can optimize your battery by lowering the brightness of your device without affecting the function of that shortcut. The resolution of those taken images will retain its high-definition (HD) format.

Apple iPhone Desktop Screenhot

Furthermore, if you want to share your iPhone movies, videos, or any clips to iPad, you can use your AirPlay Mirroring to synchronize your screen. That will only works for the second as well third generation of their tablet which supports the newest Apple TV app. An iPhone 4S model is necessary for this advance but pretty technical feature because you need to double-click the Home button for the direct access.

Apple TV and iPhone Synchronization

Using its headset cord can help anyone to take a good shot for photos and videos without touching your entire device. Right now, aside from using its available buttons for the volume, you can now make use of it as your not so handy control.

New iPhone Headset

Lastly, Microsoft Word-like spelling and grammar checker is now available in this version of iOS. And you have the option either to use it during your typing session or not by pressing the close button next to the virtual keyboard. You can close its suggestion box by tapping outside of its active window. Aside from that, a more smarter Siri is here to help us with our daily routine by making use of its location-based function.

iPhone Spelling and Grammar Checker

There are a lot of tips as well tricks that will help us to make fun of our smartphone. Start learning these features through a detailed research or you can take a look around for additional details. Its built-in dictionary is now ready to discover the other hidden features coupled with a technical procedures. And you can even revive your device through a hard reset.

Hope these few tips of ours can guide you and we are looking forward for your success in tweaking your iPhone starting at this point. Thank you so much and more power!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Convertible Windows 8 Tablet

Few months ago, we heard that Lenovo was developing their very own Microsoft Windows 8 convertible machine, and that is no other than IdeaPad Yoga. Compared to other tablets, it has a much wider screen, treated with 13-inch display with multi-touch fully functional support. However, nobody except for those folks working behind its development got a chance to catch the first version of this device but tech journalists already gave us an idea coming from the recent Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada last January.

While Samsung continue to embrace the Android capability to support their gadgets, Lenovo finds a great way to accept the performance of the upcoming new operating system of Microsoft for its functionality. This might be a good start for them as they entered the competition of slate computers, right? Furthermore, features of IdeaPad Yoga is not yet clear for those who are not aware of what we can get from this convertible computing platform. But in recently, someone spotted a promotional stuff that this machine is now headed to U.K for about 1,200-pound.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Convertible Tablet

The price is not so friendly as what we thought and it is because of its underlying and supporting device. See the following for the available specs of IdeaPad Yoga:
  • CPU: Intel Core i-Series
  • RAM: 2GB or more
  • Storage: 8GB SSD (with a built-in additional drive)
  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • Connectivity: Typical Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
There is no words for MicroSD slot, USB and HDMI ports, and other features. The company seems hiding that at this moment but continue to tease us in the other side. This might be a powerful machine that can compete to the performance of a gaming laptops but in terms of screen resolution, it has been optimized to 1600 x 900-pixels high-definition (HD) capability.

We will end from here but of course, you can take a few round to know more of what we can get from the first convertible laptop of Lenovo. Availability will probably start in European market but we need to wait for few months from now before it hits the United States stores.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Reported Problems and User Complaints

At first, I cannot believe that Apple can suddenly turn down my tastes in tablets. Having a first generation of iPad satisfied my daily needs to support my Internet browsing requirements and more. But because of some undisclosed reports coming from numerous user of their newest slate, I decided to hang around to find a possible and helpful tips aside from the company's Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) pages.

The newest version of iPad is now packed with Retina high-definition (HD) display technology which is actually more advance compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets as well to other competing brands. However, few tech journalists criticized the said feature because according to them, it can bring a rough edges of any clips coming from the Internet. Poor imagery or shoot can be determined directly through the pixelated screen outputs.

Apple iPad 3 Retina Display Screenshot

Other user brought out their complaints in online community and forums telling everyone of a yellowish side of their iPad screen. This might be the effect of some hardware defects coming from its poor manufacturing processes. And because of that, Apple really need to address this problem because people can put their negative comments which can turn their consistency downwards, right?

Aside from the screen issues, its wireless connectivity got a few concern coming from those people who sense the common problem. And according to them, you can lost your connection in an instance when you start to change your position. The support forum of Apple has been flood by comments which includes this problem and compared to its predecessors, everything from the old stuff continue to work smoothly.

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Device Photo

Furthermore, overheating and battery problems can bring a lot of confusions to the user. But these reported issue are not actually common compared to the above mentioned negative feedback. Very sensitive users can probably experience a hotter portion of their tablets. Thermal specification of the iPad 3 is pretty high which can happen to any other handheld machines. Changes in temperature cannot totally break the entire thing but reaching its maximum level is already close to some burning point.

iPad 3 Battery Photo

Using the tablet with a connected charger can harm the gadget as well the user. It is possible for any disconnection during that time and can result to a overheated ports. That can cause a severe damage in some cases. Poor outlet connections can also put your tablet into risk because of the changing phase of the current.

Other battery reported problems are also available in other technology enthusiasts forums and sites talking about the other related rumors to the new generation of iPad.

Origin PC Introduces EON15-S and EON17-S Gaming Machines

Several computer brands continue to make a more powerful models for the tastes PC gamers rather than to compete with Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation. Video games are mostly available in any platform aside probably of Flash mini-clips, right? We cannot deny that every console can attract the players to embrace its functionality as well support coming from its respective manufacturers. That is why Origin PC is now on their way to provide the needs of some users.

Origin PC EON15-S and EON17-S Gaming Laptops

EON15-S and EON17-S is the newest models coming from their new line of product. A more powerful machines that can possible cater the needs of the PC gamers. However, the price tags are not too friendly as what we thought about because probably of its advance underlying technologies that supports its entire performance. And this gaming laptops has been optimized to its maximum level  but the cheapest model can cost us an about $1,525.00 (with original and base configuration).

Both of the two Origin PC's newest gaming machines are powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU's with NVidia GeForce GTX series of GPU. It is also packed with Optimus power-saving technology and Onkyo surround audio system. These are available in either black, red, silver, as well a customize designs. It is quite unique compared to Dell gaming and powerful models because of its futuristic cases.

Other specs are not yet available for now but few days from now, you can expect this to showed out along with its pre-order page in Amazon or other Origin PC's recognized stores.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Universal Studios Re-Downloadable Movies in iTunes

Good news for everyone who already have an existing account in iTunes for we can now re-download our purchased videos coming from Universal Studios regardless of the platform. Apple allows their subscribers to re-download those clips in iPhone through iCloud bearing a the same account. All registered users in Apple TV app can now watch their favorite films in mobile phones as well in Macintosh computers.

Universal Studios Re-Downloadable Movies Screenshot

Universal Studios tied up with iCloud services of Apple next to the launching of their TV app few weeks ago. We can experience a high-definition (1080-pixel HD) video playback in iPad through the newest interface and additional contents. The entertainment company is now participating in this new services of Apple were we can seamlessly access those costly video not just in a single device.

However, free and downloadable clips are also available but we need to catch the classical or probably, a much older video compared to what we can get with a corresponding price. iCloud continue to attract anyone but still, people who loved to hang-out with other video streaming apps can find a different way to watch.

While HBO Go and Comcast worked together for Microsoft's Xbox 360 new services, Universal Studios made their first commitment in the other side. The two competing companies continue their effort to gain a much higher market share. But somehow, we cannot compared the number of users as their possible subscribers in different platforms, right?

Furthermore, Sony is not joining the competition instead, they are probably working behind the current issue and will start to innovate without a prior notice. Samsung Smart TV's are also hoping for this video streaming providers to support their own device but probably, we need to wait for a several months before they give in.

Nokia Lumia 900 is Now Available in AT&T for Only $100

Reviews coming from tech enthusiasts can guide us in everything we need to know about the LTE-enabled handset of Nokia. And few days ago, we heard that Amazon started a pre-order page for Lumia 900 ahead of other recognized dealer of the company. But now, you can have it for only $100.00 coupled with two-years of binding contract in AT&T. This sale can really tease anyone to get a Microsoft Windows-powered phone with 4G capability. Consumers in United States can now place their orders via online or get it directly from the nearest store around their area.

Nokia Lumia 900 Availability in AT&T

This price will start to drop soon as sale and competition continues. This is what we've got from Apple's iPhone 4S before. However, this handset remains on the top as the best-selling mobile phone in the market. Plan for Lumia 900 and closest rival is pretty similar considering the maximum about of data and price tags. And the one coming from Nokia is more cheaper in terms of additional free accessories.

Original casings in variety of color is also available for those folks who are looking for a finest one aside from its original polycarbonate treated cover. For more, here's the complete specs that can guide you in buying:
  • CPU: 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (single-core processor)
  • RAM: Unknown
  • Storage: 16GB (not expandable)
  • Display: 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED (supports a 720-pixels high-definition video streaming)
  • Camera: 8-megapixels (powered by Carl Zeiss optical technology)
  • Operating System: Windows Phone 7.5
And before we can forget, aside from AT&T stores, you can have it in any Microsoft Store or recognized outlets. But we suggest, buying online is much better compared to rushing out to join those folks hovering in lines, right?

Polaroid PMID701i Tablet with Android 4.0 Update

We heard that Polaroid is about to unleash their upcoming HD Smart Camera packed with mobile technology powered by Android operating system. Probably, the hybrid of a typical digital cam and handset, right? The company is also known from their several tablets that also embrace the celebrity platform of Google. And because of the recent software update, they are also open to any possible changes by giving a new treatment on their PMID701i model, a 7-inch version which is now powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Polaroid PMID701i Tablet with Android 4.0

This update is also available for old machines with a common specs through the software option. Users can now experience the new interface as well tabs provided by its typical Internet browser. Sad to say, Google Play Store currently far from what we expect but Amazon Appstore has been added as one of its newest features. You can download those other apps through this portal with using the Android Market.

And asking of what you can get from Polaroid PMID701i updates, you can refer to the Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) page of the said product for additional info. But before of anything else, here's the other specs that can probably guide you in changing your original settings:
  • CPU: 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 (single-core processor)
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Display: 7-inch with 800 x 480-pixel resolution
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Other Feature(s): MicroSDHC card support for additional storage
  • Battery Life: 6-hours (maximum)
In addition to this report, using this machine in browsing can extend its battery capacity with a disabled Wi-Fi. Compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab and other top competing products, this might be the cheapest tablet few days from now in the market. Availability of Polaroid machines outside of United States started a couple of months ago bearing a different name.

Furthermore, a disadvantage of getting a Polaroid tablet is that, it is not a Google certified machine. They are probably working for that matter but now, we have to wait for further announcements coming from its original manufacturers.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are Both Real or Not?

Rumors coming from different reliable source can trick anyone who are not aware of any official announcements coming from these two gaming console manufacturers. However, we are trying to rely in any available press release straight from producers rather putting our beliefs to a mystical story. Microsoft is probably developing a new version of Xbox and align their product to the needs of the global consumers, right? And of course, Sony is not too late to put the name of their flagship on the same track. As we heard PSP Vita few months ago, we started to do our own part by helping those folks to train themselves adopting the changes coming from a typical machine to a touch-screen enabled device.

Microsoft Xbox 720 Prototype

Xbox 720 Prototype

Some of our advice reach the farthest side of the world with realizing the impact of this gaming console in the ongoing competition of different brands. And because of that, we never heard the Game Boy of Nintendo for the pasts months but updates for apps continue to spread like a usual stuff on the line. Xbox 720 is probably one of Sony's advance platform aside from Kinect technology. We expect this gadget to be added in their package along with additional device to support our gaming needs.

Sony PlayStation 4 Prototype

The potential of Microsoft and Sony to produce a much better product remind us of their upcoming new line of gaming consoles. But people who already enjoying these entertaining box expect to have their games available rather than to have a new one and turn their backs to their old days. According to the latest updates, most of these apps will probably work but other needs to have their patches to work. This might be the sad thing that we need to know and we cannot compare these consoles to iTunes App Store as well in Android Market.

And because of that, let us try to follow the other important details and announcements coming from Microsoft and the company's closest competitor. This might be real and we just need to wait while these company continue to improve their services. Everything is just a mystical story but we do not forget to explore for any possible discovery that can make this report clear to all of you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Availability of HBO Go in Xbox 360, Confirmed!

Comcast recently confirmed the availability of HBO Go in Microsoft's Xbox 360 console prior to what we heard a couple of days ago from a reliable source. The live streaming service provider announces to their subscriber the new line of their business. Application is up in Xbox Live by next week but this report is not enough for those folks who are not aware of the new streaming platform.

Get ready for the blockbuster Game of Thrones as well for your other favorite soap and experience the coolest medieval scenes that awaits you through a typical gaming console. Sony is probably waiting for this apps to reach their own platform.

Availability of HBO Go in Xbox 360

However, you can watch the following video below coming from HBO Subscribe with a teasing title, Go Big or Go Home.

Furthermore, there is no words for any Comcast active account for other allied platforms. Samsung Smart TV, Roku Box, as well Time Warner cable subscribers needs to wait for further announcement about the availability of HBO Go for these platforms.

A 4G Version of BlackBerry PlayBook is Coming?

A 4G version of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is coming and probably by this year. Following the official release of the company's 7-inches tablet last February in Canada as well in neighboring countries, the availability of a more advance and faster network drives them to produce a much efficient device. However, nobody from them can confirm this report, someone from CB Forums gave a few photo showing the variant of the handheld machine running an app that only works in 4G environment.

4G Version of BlackBerry PlayBook

Furthermore, it is hard for us to determine if that shots are taken from the original BlackBerry model because someone in the other side can actually make a little changes of that photos to make it more realistic. And we do not under estimate the reputation of our source instead, we've been with a lot of issue before related to fake gadgets supported by hoax reports.

At the first glimpse, we can say that it is real and it is possible for RIM to produce a 4G and even LTE-enabled tablet. Services coming from network providers supports their original press releases and that can give a great ease to their consumers. One of those clip shows a detachable SIM card cartridge on the nearby HDMI and other available ports.

RIM's tablet is little bit cheaper compared to Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Prices varies in different regions but in terms of capability and features, in some other way, they can make us feel great with their gadget. And if you are a practical buyer, you will probably choose a budget friendly machines than to spend more to others with the similar functionality.

The advantage of Android and iOS powered tablet is that, they have their online portals for their exclusive apps.

Before we can forget, this upcoming new model of BlackBerry PlayBook is also powered by 1GHz or higher TI OMAP 4 dual-core processor with their own tablet operating system. For now, we will leave the decision for you to believe or throw away this tip and catch the other important details that will complete the story from those folks working behind the development of this tablet.

Samsung is Making Fun of Their Galaxy Tab 7.7-Inch Tablet

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other tablet, will you try to open your gadget because of your curiosity? In my case, my first iPad (1st generation) teases me to make a detailed review and I decided to make use of my time working with a screwdriver just to know the underlying technology of the gadget. But not for Samsung because recently, the company showed out a handful of photos showing the dissected machine and its innermost parts.

Last month, the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch model started in Verizon. It is only available on that store all through the United States as their official 4G network provider as well. That will cost consumers an about $500.00 plus a $30.00 monthly binding contract for two-years (good for 2GB of packet data). The LTE-enabled tablet is now joining the competition and probably, consumers will not try to dissect their machines because of its breakable warranty, right? That is why Samsung provided a much better view of what's inside the case rather than for us to sacrifice our device.

Check the following photo below for the entire stuff:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7-Inch Tablet Different Parts

We do not advice anyone to do this but we are sharing this pictures coming from the company website as your only reference.



There are actually hundreds or even thousands of photos of this Galaxy Tab model but the above photos are actually taken from the original machine. Other geeks are now probably keeping an eye on this dissected tablet and because of that, we can make our own style soon in changing the configuration of the entire thing. Specs can give us a detailed stuff but watching these pieces can really increase our motive to make a good review of the entire device.

And before we can forget, we are referring to a 16GB model with an Android 3.2 operating system Galaxy Tab version. It is not just for fun but talking about this can really inspire us to follow their other dissected electronic products in the future.

Sergey Brin Photo Wearing a Google Eyeglass Prototype

Few days ago, we heard that Google is currently working in Project Glass to bring an augmented reality through a wearable eyeglasses. And recently, Sergey Brin, the company's co-founder has been spotted wearing the prototype of this gadget in charitable event. That might be the first version of the said device and just like of what the video tells about, it has a small screen that can project anything towards the eyes of its bearer. Furthermore, according to our source, they are now on a testing stage in public.

The man who share his experiences and report was Robert Scoble who happens at the Foundation Fighting Blindness charity along with his friend Thomas Hawk who took the picture we posted below:

Therefore we can say that Google is really serious on their plan. Aside from that, recently, we heard that they are also planning to release their very own first tablet PC in the market few months from now. And this innovation can make other companies to bring their best before its too late as competition continue, right?

Going back to Sergey and Robert, nobody from the said event knows that the man is currently wearing a special eyeglass aside from the curious people around. A special thing that a geek can really manage to ask something about it.

Google 7-Inch Android Tablet is Coming!

For now, nobody can confirm this story coming from The Verge but it is clear that the search giant is currently developing an iPad-like machine powered by their very own Android smart-devices operating system. If it is possible for them to brought out their Nexus few years ago, and why not on slate? According to report, they are planning to release their 7-inch tablet by the month of July. They are also working on a new version of Android with a code name Jelly Bean next to Ice Cream Sandwich. And this will probably work on that handheld machine few months from now.

Google 7-Inch Android Tablet Concept

Furthermore, Google delayed the release of this tablet due to their price plan. They are planning to bring a more cheaper tag compared to what we can get in other brands in the market. However, there are rumors that Apple is currently working for an iPad-mini, a 7-inch model of their regular machine. While Google is making a few twists on their upcoming price, in the other side, other manufacturers starts to feel the needs of practical buyers.

Google make use of Nexus for their smartphone before but somehow failed to earned the highest share from the market. Now that they already have the new track, this can actually affect the price of other brands in stores. Aside from Project Glass, their guts to make use of their resources and strong affiliations in other company can bring them a move advance marketing strategy in the future.

The price of the said tablet will probably fall from about $250.00 and up just like of some Asustek slates in the market. We know that these two company is working together for the advancement of their product. And how about Acer and Samsung Electronics? Will they continue to embrace the power of Android for their own lines? Maybe, but we are not actually aware of what is going on between these companies at this moment but join us as we continue to follow this rumors coming from other tech journalist who are also keeping their eyes on that gadget.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Asus PadFone Hybrid Android Smartphone and Tablet

Availability of Asus PadFone will start this Friday, April 6, 2012 for pre-order in Taiwan according to Netbook News. We heard this hybrid machines few weeks ago and now, they are about to bring the reality of their product to the Asian market. For now, nobody can tell the official release date of this gadget in other countries but in addition to report, shipment will take place by April 20.

What is good about this another Android-powered tablet is that, you don't need to have a separate handset to synchronized our files and storage media. You can have it in a single device at the same time. It has a PadFone Station that will serve as the main part of the entire system. Apps can be used in a much bigger screen with similar functionality from a 5-inch phone.

For more, here's the complete specs of PadFone as your reference:
  • CPU: 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (dual-core)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: Available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB
  • Display: 4.3-inch for handset and 10.1-inch for PadFone Station
  • Camera: 1.3-megapixels
  • Battery Life: 24.4Whr
  • Operating System: Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Available Ports: micro-USB and HDMI
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and probably a 4G LTE-enabled smartphone
  • Additional Device: Keyboard
It is probably more cheaper compared to Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy. We make our own comparison of these gadgets recently but we cannot totally compare the entire stuff without handling a piece of these gadgets. Prices will probably start in about $600.00 to a maximum of $950.00 as noted by Engadget way back in the recent World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Furthermore, we are looking forward to a more detailed review soon for us to know the other features and capability of this hybrid handheld machine.

And you can join us once again as we continue to follow its other important details and selling price in Amazon, eBay, and other online stores after this break. Consumers in United States and neighboring countries probably need to wait for few months next to its availability in Taiwanese stores.

Samsung Galaxy S III is Fake?

Technology enthusiasts started to write something about Samsung Galaxy S III few weeks ago but nobody can confirm the exact date of release until someone from the other side showed out a leaked photo from an upcoming event in U.K. That maybe the official launching date of the upcoming handset but according to a reliable source, they do not expect this since then.

Somehow, that stuff can attract the other readers or online writers because of the handset's previous version success in the market, right? We can expect a much better services and features or even the company will bring a more advance version compare to its old typical capabilities. An LTE-enabled and with a much higher storage specs and speed.

Samsung Galaxy S III

And one of those shows that the said event will fall on 22nd of May of this year but as we visit Samsung for confirmation, there is no single words or promotional facts that will verify the entire thing. See the following photo below for more:

Samsung Galaxy S III Promotional Poster

The company is not probably aware of what is going on behind the handful of photos that keeps on coming in and out of public online community. These images started to pop up in few Korean website but still, no one from the company can confirm the availability of this Galaxy model. Furthermore, the last time we heard the name of Samsung is when they officially announce their plan to optimize their business in LCD screen productions.

However, you can try to keep up with us in Cyber Crave as we continue to follow the other important issue related to Samsung Galaxy S III after of this break. This will remain a mystery and that guy who share this leaked photo might be one of those curious folks around the web.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google's Project Glass is Up for Augmented Reality

Imagine your self waking up in the morning with a hands-free technology to support your choirs through a simple gestures. Pretty different, right? Google recently showed out their plan to make a new advancement through Project Glass, a quite weird but possible system which can bring us an augmented reality through an eyeglass that will bring us a much better life in the future. Just like of a typical Bluetooth earphone device, smartphones can relay signals and make us free from any additional wire coming from a handset. And how about a voice recognition feature that will take your command straight to what you want through your device and catch the result back in no time?

According to our source, folks from Google is currently developing a technology that will change our perceptions in Android devices in the future. The Project Glass is like a dream for anyone but now, they are making their first step to put this into reality. This will bring Google Maps and Talk to a compact eyeglasses with a built-in camera just like of what we can get from a regular feature of a smartphone.

Epson Moverio BT-100 is pretty similar to what we are talking about but it is only good for watching movies. This gadget will cover almost half of human face but Google is preparing for a much lighter and smaller package. However, it is also powered by Android operating system to support its entire functionality but in terms of services, the search engine will probably some of their advance platform just to make everything more real.

Everything started with a concept and if you want to know more about Google's Project Glass, catch the following video below:

We cannot totally compare this technology to what we currently have. But our future can be altered through the basic stuff that we can get from today's devices, right? This can probably earned the interest of geeks out there and open our curiosity on what we need to know.

Photo Galleries Introducing Google Project Glass

The basic features of Project Glass has been enumerated on that clip but let us try to follow the other important details you shouldn't missed from Google after of this break.

Samsung 2012 Smart TV is Now Headed to Stores

Samsung continue to innovate the world of flat screen television by making a great change in the way we think of this home entertainment system. Few days from now, we are about to see their upcoming 2012 Smart TV in any electronic stores and able to experience the advance features far from what we used to know before. According to our source, these television models ranges from 43-inch to 64-inch and all packed with Smart Touch Remote along with Smart Wireless Keyboard which are all part of what they called, "Smart Evolution" capability.

Samsung 2012 Smart TV

Other features includes AllShare Play for connectivity option to other Samsung devices like mobile phones and probably, with Galaxy Tab machines. These television models are all powered by a dual-core processors to support its entire functionality. It is a great deal for those folks who are willing to experience the power of their technology at home for a much better way of life.

Availability will probably start this April of 2012 and prices will vary base on consumer's selected models. Tags ranges from about $550.00 to $3,950.00 for a much bigger and wider screen. All of these are made of high-definition (HD) LCD and some has been made specifically with Samsung Plasma E8000 technology. Aside from that, few models are bundled with Webkit application for advance Internet browsing capability.

And before we can forget, Samsung added a Micro Dimming Ultimate along with Real Black Pro features for screen fully functional unique settings. For now, we don't hear this underlying technology in other brands but compare to Sony, LG, and other manufacturers, the company decided to showed out their new line of products ahead of time.

HP TouchPad Go 10-Inch Tablet is Coming

HP TouchPad Go 10-inch tablet is now available on FCC's official website. It showed out like a regular device to be added in the list of their upcoming products. This might be the right time to wait and see how the company decided to pursue their plan to sell a much cheaper model compared to its pioneering versions in the market. However, we heard this model few months ago but now, they are now probably ready to bring their very own competitive slate. And this maybe the webOS and Android version (dual-boot) according to our source.

HP TouchPad Go 10-Inch Tablet

For more, see the following list of specs below to know the underlying technology that will power the entire device:
  • CPU: 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon (dual-core)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 16GB or 32GB
  • Camera: 1.3-megapixels (front) and 5-megapixels (rear)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS
  • Battery Life: 13.3Whr (maximum)
In addition to report, it is more faster compare to other TouchPad model in stores because of its dual-core processor and much bigger memory size. A handful of photos of this tablet is currently available in FCC. You can try to look around for additional info and speculations about the official date.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kpad 720 7-Inch Android Tablet from China

Kpad 720 is a 7-inch tablet powered by Google Android 2.3 from China. I spotted this machine recently in a whole seller website with a teasing features similar to what we can get from Samsung Galaxy and other slates in the market. This device is manufactured by unknown company somewhere in Shenzhen Province and we are not actually aware of its original name but the model number appeared at the back portion remind us of those other handheld computers coming from the same Asian manufacturer.

Kpad 720 7-Inch Android Tablet

According to our source, it is powered by 1GHz Cortex A8 processor with 512MB DDR3 of RAM. It has a multi-touch panel just like of other typical tablets. Other feature includes the following:
  • Storage: 40GB, with expandable MicroSD slot (probably, not a solid state drive)
  • Camera: 2-megapixel (front only)
  • Display: 800 x 400-pixels
  • Connectivity: 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi (with no Bluetooth support)
  • Output: HDMI and standard audio jack
Specs of Kpad 720 is not actually good for those folks who are not aware of its brands. It is better to rely in Samsung, Apple, Archos, or other names tested by consumers around the world. The overall performance of this machine cannot be determined through a simple glimpse on its look but try to ask those folks who already handed a piece of this gadget coming from unknown manufacturer.

We are following Kpad 720 for almost three months already but we failed to catch it in our local stores. Wholesale prices is not actually available in our source and it remains negotiable for those who would like to place their pre-order online.

And before we can forget, Kpad 720 supports a variety of languages aside from a typical Mandarin used on its original settings. It is also designed to make use of Android Market for those available apps that will work on its environment.

Shazam 5.0 vs Hulu Plus Video Streaming Quality

This might be a big surprise for iPhone users who are currently using the old version of Shazam multimedia player. And if you failed to try this before, you can visit the iTunes App Store to get a free and downloadable version just to experience how the entire system works for you. Previously, the app has been optimized to play a certain music and leave the other options to its user. It gathers all the available details needs by the user and helps identify the next step to own the files with a corresponding price. It is like a portal of multimedia files and now, they are adding a new capability by giving a video information from their own online database.

Shazam 5.0 vs Hulu Plus

Aside from a corresponding price for the full version of Shazam 5.0, other complimentary products are also available as an add-on for every purchase. Encore and RED costs an about $6.00 along with other promotional stuff. It is not bad for iOS users because somehow, it is much cheaper compare to other apps with the same capabilities and functions, right? As the matter of fact, there's a lot of these multimedia player but only the excellent one that jives in the user tastes will stand out!

Latest features and updates are also available along with great improvements in LyricPlay and Friend Feed connectivity. Probably, the developer discover the discrepancies and they need to bring an extra social part to bring a much better services. The graphical user interface (GUI) got a minor changes aside from the speed of downloading those important details needed by its user.

Some television shows are also available in Shazam 5.0 just like of what we can get from Hulu Plus. Their services is pretty similar but the other one is only limited to a detailed guide where to buy a video or music on the line.

However, we are not actually aware of Shazam and Hulu Plus video streaming quality. The iOS support for high-definition (HD) format will change their competition and the type of video coming from their respective sources. YouTube is the first source that offers a much better viewing experience but in terms of quality, we cannot compare the three apps running on the same environment without knowing the exact type of video.

Microsoft Windows 8 Touchscreen Capabilities and Features

For now, we are not actually aware of what is going on in Microsoft and their plan to release the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. But before of anything else, we already made our test results in comparing a tablet and a typical touchscreen notebook computers. In terms of performance, we cannot deny that the underlying technology and overall supports change our perceptions. The one that runs on the top of Windows (notebook) environment is quite slower because probably of a much heavier applications.

A much bigger icons of a touchscreen notebook can directly guide us to the direction of applications but the loading time is much longer compared to what we can get from Apple's blockbuster tablet. We compare the two different device to know the efficiency and how the machines response to a robust action of the user. But we set aside those stuff for awhile and continue to a much deeper understanding of the touchscreen technology.

Microsoft Windows 8 Touchscreen Screenshot

Furthermore, the Windows 7 installed in our notebook computer shows the elegance of its environment and the iOS of iPad stands out because of its responsive result. According to our research, the newest version of this operating system has been optimized to a much better result but for now, we are waiting for a full version running in our machines rather to rely in opinions of other writers.

The capabilities of Windows 7 to support the touchscreen technology is pretty similar to what we can get in version eight. A customized environment can probably bring us a good understanding on how to make use of the virtual and physical keyboards. And we are looking forward to a more powerful machines for Windows 8 to gain a much quicker response on every action of the user.

And our verdict, what we can get from Windows 7 can also be given by the succeeding version but the speed will probably vary base on the device manufacturers. Tips in making a customize environment is also available on the line for those who are not aware of their touchscreen notebooks. At first, we try to rely in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) of Microsoft about it and far from what we know, we can even make it in just a couple of minutes if want.

Catch our detailed review about the other capabilities and features of Windows 8 in touchscreen environment after of this break.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 28nm Quad-Core Processors

Smartphones and tablets chip manufacturer is now facing a new challenges in software industry needs. Just like of Intel and AMD, they need to make a new adjustment as application continue to evolve from a lighter to heavier requirements. ARM Qualcomm is currently developing a 28nm quad-core platform for laptop computers as noted by PC World recently. It is because probably of the upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and they are designing a power-efficient processors just like of what they already have.

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 CPU Photo

Their very own low-powered wireless device and latest DPS technology are the initial outcomes coming from their effort to answer the needs of their consumers. Gadgets that rely on their line of products celebrates their success aside from having a good wave of fans around the world. However, people are not actually aware of what is going on inside instead, prices can somehow affect the ever changing needs of the industry.

The upcoming Snapdragon machines will now support its entire functionality. Windows 8 is a good start for them to produce a new line of products and take part in the fast growing needs of education and allied industry. eReaders, Android tablets, and even Apple embraced their excellent technology to bring the efficiency of these products.

We heard Snapdragon technology in smartbooks before, but now, they are probably willing to compete and bring their names of the top of CPU producers. In the other side, we are looking forward in their success because we believe that we can get a much cheaper machines running on ARM-based architecture.

Samsung Display is Now Official for Business

Samsung Electronics responded to the needs of computer, television, and allied industry by giving a new exclusive name in a strand of their business. According to report, the company's revenue increases as consumers continue to patronize their LCD technology and their manpower in global production facilities can really cater the needs of the world. Samsung Display is now official headed by CEO Donggun Park starting this April of 2012. Inauguration took place last Sunday and marks the beginning of their operation.

Samsung Display CEO Donggun Park

Furthermore, they are about to bring a customize LCD products and will continue their struggle while on the top of competition. Other brands are now probably on their tracks to enhance and improve their technology just to keep the race. Market shares of Samsung is getting more bigger as we try to look around on surveys coming from different consumers. However, people will probably choose a much cheaper but with high quality models, right?

Samsung Display Products

Reviews of Samsung products shows an outstanding level but the tastes of consumers can be twists by other promotional stuff of their competitors. As the demand increases, they need to double their efforts to maintain their standard in mobile phones, different forms of computers, as well in television production.

Nokia Lumia 900 4G Pre-Order is Now in Amazon

We heard Lumia 900 way back in January of this year until Amazon recently showed out a pre-order page for the Nokia's Windows Phone. Just like of the previous report, April might be the sweeter month for handset fanatics regardless of its platform. The competition probably affects the price tag because for now, they are selling this phone for only $50.00 along a binding contract from AT&T. Complete specs, features, and promotional details are also available for us to know more of what we can get from a 4G LTE-enabled device. In my own predictions, prices will continue to drop as competition continue few weeks from now.

Nokia Lumia 900 4G Pre-Order Page

Furthermore, the pre-order page of Lumia 900 is coupled with a lot of promotional stuff and if you wish to get a piece of this model, try to make your own detailed evaluation.

For more, here's the complete list of specs I gathered from the said spot on the line recently:
  • CPU: 1.4GHz Qualcomm (single-core)
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Display: 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED
  • Camera: 8-megapixels with HD 720-p video support
  • Operating System: Windows Phone 7.5
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE/HSPA+
Other features includes a typical Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, and GPS connectivity. Personal or corporate mail services is also available just like of the other competing brands. And we are currently waiting for a detailed review coming from consumers around the world to make our healthy tips in buying.

Support center of Lumia 900 and FAQ page is now live for consumer concerns. Before we can forget, discount is also available but anyone is required to apply for a possible dropping of prices.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

jetBook Color Deluxe eReader with C-Pen Scanner

The availability of tablet or slate computers can confuse the eBook buyers, right? Because probably of its advance features compared to what we can get from eReader. But in terms of power efficiency, this gadget can really stand out without compromising the time of its user. Before of iPad and other Android-powered handheld machines, Nook and its competing products stars the Amazon as well in some famous online bookstores. However, the competition continue to tease us where to rely in the future. jetBook Color Deluxe is a 9.7-inch one with a Triton E Ink screen eReader. A low-powered device and can work longer on its functionality compare to other ultra-portable machines.

jetBook Color Deluxe eReader

Furthermore, it includes a C-Pen scanner for capturing text one line at a time. You can make use of this device like a marker and bring your most important notes directly to jetBook Color instantly. The additional feature has been optimized to keep track the right text from the tough location or sources. It can be bend to follow the curves and designed to completely recognize a different font styles. Problems is probably possible in capturing of the user's desired stuff just like of a voice command interference.

Sad to say, the cost of jetBook is much higher compared to some tablet models. If you are a practical buyer, for about $600.00, you probably choose to have a budget-friendly and cost-effective device. The capability is quite different but try not to forget the other possible features which can fulfill your needs.

And before we can forget, specs and other important details will follow on this post.