Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sharp Aquos SH-06D Smartphone with Television Tuner

Sharp recently showed out their very own smartphone, the Aquos SH-06D. This model is probably inspired by a classical style or maybe, it's a part of another Japanese technology. It is packed with extendable antenna, a unique features for tuning in to any available television channel. Featuring a 4.5-inch display with 720-pixels resolution optimized for 3D support. In terms of looks, it is pretty similar to some LG newest mobile phones built with a more slicker design. However, this handset will be joining the competition but its Android 2.3 operating system is much older compare to what we can get on Samsung and other brands new phones.

Sharp Aquos SH-06D Smartphone with Television Tuner

Furthermore, we cannot compare Aquos phone to some Chinese manufacturer produced models. Dual-sim support is not available just like of what we can get from some of those stuff. This might be a 4G and LTE-enabled smartphone but for now, nobody can tell the exact specification of the entire device. No words for pricing details and official release dates in United States yet but you can join us as we continue to follow its appearances in other technology enthusiast sites after of this break.


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