Sunday, March 4, 2012

Samsung TouchWiz UX is Also Available in Galaxy Tab 7.7-Inch Model

Verizon Wireless Network recently introduce the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7-inch model for about $500.00 added with a two-years binding contract. And now, reviews coming from United States tech enthusiasts starts to round as sale continue to tease everyone in service provider's display centers. But before of anything else, TouchWiz UX technology is currently one of its unique feature that makes this tablet stands out over the other. Healthy tips in regards of this platform common to 10.1-inch and the newest version is now available to maximize your computing needs.

However, it is hard for us to compare a much smaller display to the pioneering version of Galaxy Tab but it is good to hear this feature on a different device. Icons and menus is really far from what we expect but in terms of functionality, TouchWiz UX continue to bring the innermost capability of the entire device.

Android Market becomes an apps gateway for its current user supported by its 3G and 3G network along with its typical Wi-Fi connectivity. For more, join us as we continue to keep up with the other important features coming to the smaller Galaxy Tab after of this break.


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