Monday, March 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note Got a Flashy Pink Makeover

CeBIT becomes a new gateway of Samsung to introduce their upcoming flashy makeover of Galaxy Note. This might be the right choice for women who loved to show their affection through a pink model, right? According to report, the company recently confirm that they are making an additional option aside from the common version which are now hovering in stores. Straight from Germany, Engadget showed out a hands-on video showing a passionate device which gave us an idea on how to impress our woman with what they need in terms of style.

Samsung Galaxy Note Got a Flashy Pink Makeover

Availability of pink Galaxy Note will probably start few weeks from now and nobody can tell the exact date of release in United States. Probably, it is now headed to European consumers as noted by our other sources. And it includes a fully customized Android operating system to jive on its overall design.

For more, try to catch the following video below posted by Engadget:

And before we can forget, the color cannot merely affect the price along with its regular free accessories. Check some more soon as we continue to follow the other important details related to this all new version of Galaxy Note after of this break.


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