Monday, March 5, 2012

New Versions of Galaxy Nexus and Droid Incredible is Coming

While other smartphone manufacturers continue to surprise us with their very own and edge-cutting features, Samsung is planning to make a new leap in competition through the newest version of their Galaxy Nexus and HTC Droid Incredible. This report came from a reputable tech news source on the line and somehow, this will guide us to be more vigilant in choosing the right stuff for us. And this models will probably added to the line of products of Verizon Wireless Network. And guess what, this might be a budget-friendly versions as they cut down the size of storage capacity from 32GB to 16GB for Samsung.

New Versions of Galaxy Nexus and Droid Incredible

This can give us a much cheaper price but with the same look. Cool, right? Too much internal drive for a regular basis is just a matter of slack space. And that decision is pretty good for practical buyers in United States as well in other countries. Binding contracts will also down for both of these smartphones and to keep up the 4G LTE-enabled features. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software is giving these two handsets with capabilities that is not common to other competing brands.

Check some more soon as we continue to follow the other important issue about the newest smartphone models of Samsung and HTC after of this break.


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