Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MSI 2012 Upcoming GT60 and GT70 Gaming Laptops

PC gamers will probably choose to have a more powerful machine than to rely in a usual performance of their consoles, right? While other brands continue to promote their new line of products, MSI is up for their very own G-series of laptop computers. But in terms of price, for practicality reason, you probably choose to catch it when tags starts to drop few months from now upon arriving in stores. Although it is powerful enough to compare with other models, these are both coupled with a much higher value.

The first two machines coming from MSI spotted in the ongoing CeBIT are the GT60 (15-inch) and GT70 (17-inch). Sporting a more advance underlying technology like its USB 3.0 support, dual-SSD capability, and RAID configuration. However, some of these are already available on other competing machines and we cannot deny that Alienware of Dell is making its way to boost its performance by embracing the toughest CPU's and large sizes of RAM.

According to report, these two models are probably powered by either Intel Core i5 or i7 newest processors. A new series coming from the same line of microchips but there is no words for other specs yet.

GT60 and GT70 Gaming Laptops

Photo galleries as well hands-on video of these computers coming from CeBIT are now available on the line. And you can try to take a look in YouTube as well in other tech enthusiasts sites for additional info. We don't hear any of these way back at CES last January but here it is teasing anyone in world of video games.

MSI 2012 Upcoming GT60 and GT70 Gaming Laptops

In terms of size, there are other machines which are more slimmer than GT60 and GT70. And for complete specs, reviews, and other important details, join us as we continue to keep up with other related reports as it goes out for sale by the month of April.


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