Sunday, March 4, 2012

HTC Titan Windows Phone Spotted in China

HTC Titan or Triumph in other stores is now available in China. And this might be the first Windows Phone spotted in Asians fast growing mobile manufacturer. For about 4,400.00-yuan, you can have along with its promising features as noted by reviews and other important details regarding the phone. Pre-orders is now available on any recognized outlets of the company along with the other models. What makes this handset unique from the other model coming from HTC? It is the first mobile powered by Microsoft Windows operating system with a Chinese-enabled language.

HTC Titan Windows Phone Spotted in China

Featuring Sina Weibo and Tencent Weixin along with SkyDrive apps, HTC Titan is also packed with localization contents and fully customized environment. You probably choose to learn the basic language of the country before the device. The Unicode characters used in this handset can probably lead to a very complicated way of communicating if everything is sound unfamiliar, right?

And before we can forget, this might be the newest version of Titan running a full version of Windows OS in a Chinese language with WP7.5 Tango.

Reviews of HTC Triumph is now available in other tech journalist sites but of course, we cannot compare this model with an English version which costs an about $700.00 in United States.


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