Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Google Play Will Replace the Android Market?

Probably yes or maybe no! Despite of this issue, we are asking of what will going to happen next to their decision, right? The world search giant recently announce that they are making a new twist with their Android Market along with Music and eBookStore services to be included in what they called, Google Play. And smartphone users who embraced their smart operating system can now get their upgrade in the same spot on the line. Apps will now become available in this all-in-one store which includes their services for movies and other multimedia products.

Google Play Will Replace the Android Market

According to ZDNet, they are just giving us a new opportunity to keep up our work on a single portal. However, nobody can tell the reason why they need to change our way of accessing these digital files but in terms of security and stability of their system, this might a right choice for those people working behind this changes. Our Google account will remains active and there's no need for us to signup for a new one instead, we just need to make a few adjustments.

And how about the Android users? Updates for available apps will now be path through Google Play community and all of our links will be directed to their newly created official websites. Apps developer will probably think of another way to promote their software and that's a problem that they need to accept on these days.

Purchasing of books, musics, and apps are now available in Play Store and there's no need for us to worry in our default Android settings because they automatically path options to their newest services online.

Furthermore, Android Market will not totally change the nature of its business but it was added to another set of service for a more centralize direction. And before we can forget, you can catch the look of Play Store through the above photo and try to discover the other details by hanging around on their official site. It is now probably headed to Facebook as well in Twitter and other social networking sites to inform the numerous users of their previous platform.


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