Thursday, March 1, 2012

Archos Child Pad 7-Inch Android-powered Tablet

Archos recently announce the availability of their newest 7-inch tablet powered by Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich by the end of this month. According to report, this handheld machine will cost us an about $130.00 for a kid-friendly learning machine. It is much cheaper compare to what we can get from the other brands as well with some other smartphones. We know that the company is also one of those pioneering producers of touch-screen devices and now, this new model will be joining its competitors to gain a market share.

Archos Child Pad 7-Inch Android-powered Tablet

Furthermore, this tablet is powered by 1GHz of processor (probably, a single-core version regardless of its brands) and 1GB of physical memory (RAM). For now, nobody can tell the exact sizes of storage space and screen resolution. Access to Android Market is also available and in addition to this, it has a tweaked icons to jive on the tastes of kids in grade schools. And it appears to be more colorful compare to the usual shortcuts in Android environment. It is more attractive for the young ones but not for those folks who are not aware of its true value.

And of course, Child Pad is also good for adults, a right gift in any season for children, right? You can try some more soon as we keep up with the other important info related to this report after of this break.


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