Friday, March 9, 2012

Archos 80 and 101 G9 Tablets New Software Updates

While iPad 3 continue to earn the spotlight for consumers because probably of its teasing high-definition video playback support, Archos is continue to move on its way. And the competition excite us when manufacturer announces their changes just to keep their track on the trending features. A high-definition (HD) capability becomes a necessary thing to consider and just like of Apple's newly added feature on their very own tablet, Archos is not afraid to roll out their ambitious plan.

Started with a customize desktop and Android environment, the new updates includes a file manager along with a video player that support 1080-pixels of multimedia playbacks along with DNLA capability. Aside from that, an additional support on several file formats are also available and can probably extend its functionality from the usual features from its first package in the market.

Updates for Archos 80 as well in 101 G9-series are provided by Android 4.0.3 version. Much newer to what we can get from other tablets that already embraced the Ice Scream Sandwich environment. Both of these has been added with a spelling checker and new graphical user interface which is also similar to the previous looks but already molds with a minor changes.

Google Play is now giving these tablets with a special features over the other because somehow, the company's certification already rooted with no extra cost. We heard a detailed review from other technology enthusiasts sites recently showing a more clearer view of Archos. Somehow, this important info remind us to keep track of the different changes that might happen on its software.

Archos 80 and 101 G9 Tablets New Software Updates

Furthermore, Archos 80 (8-inch) and the other model (10.1-inch) are still powered by a dual-core CPU coming from TI OMAP 4 and consumers can still choose from either a flash or hard drive storage supported configuration.

Owners of the pioneering models can now probably choose the live updates through their Android settings which will automatically path the device to their own download center.

And before we can forget, prices are now starts to drop as noted by one of our source. This might be a good indication that the company is now cutting the regular tag to gain more edge. Join us as we continue to follow the other related issue as well updates related to this report after of this break.


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